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Friday, May 28
I may be crazy trading like this. What do YOU think ?

Is it better to focus on one at a time and try to make bigger profits or are you doing like me, trading 3-5 matches at the same time and going for smaller profits ? I am aware that doing like this I may miss some opportunities. I found that my first and only trading movie is about trading Tsonga- De Bakker match one month ago and same players are playing right now, 5-5 1st set....;)

Good luck and keep it green !
It was very busy week so far. With busy I do NOT mean trading sports, unfortunately I was busy doing my real full time job. I was sent away from my home city and couldn't trade tennis the way I wanted :( Anyway, I am back at home now and let's hope we can make some extra money this weekend :) I decreased my BF bank size and trading now with max liability around £200....

As it looks now I will be trading Friday-Sunday and only We-Th next week which means I am going to miss semifinals and finals next weekend. Nothing to do about it I guess...maybe I should consider making tennis trading my full time job ;) ....Well...not really yet, just joking. I like my job but it sucks sometimes when I have to work while great tennis matches are played on courts around the world LOL

I hope your week has been very profitable so far and wish you all good luck !!!
Wednesday, May 19
After 2 great weeks, trading tennis almost every day and some very nice profits it's time to have a break. I think it's time to enjoy life for some days now and be back soon with French Open at Roland Garros. I still check tennis results every day and you have to agree some results are very surprising.

I tried trading horses last Monday but found it wasn't funny enough and I gave up after a few races. I couldn't read horse racing markets and ended with £35 loss :) So no more trading for me until Roland Garros.

Wish you good luck with your trading and let's hope for a very profitable French Open !
Saturday, May 15
Roger Federer made trading his match very easy in 1st set. He just won 7-5 and now playing 2nd set. Amazing but Ferrer won only 2 return points in 1st set while Federer won 17/43. Stats you can see on the image. I feel like job is done for today and it was another great day for me.

Wish you good luck while trading this match, I am not going to take any risks but may play with some of my green if I see value at some point before GSM :)
Aravane Rezai just won 1st set against Lucie Safarova, 6-1 after 24 minutes of play. Eurosport was late with coverage, it was 4-1 when I saw first live pics from this match. Was trading using scoreboard and live stream. Scoreboard was faster than live stream this time. Couldn't see any signs of an injury, just Rezai outplayed Safarova from what I saw. I was on Rezai and tried to hedge @1.13 after 1st set finished. ...waiting ...waiting.... commercial adverts on Eurosport  .....waiting ...and suddenly money was taken in no time from 1.14----->1.09-----1.05----->1.01...What a paradise for courtsiders it was. You know what happened. Safarova retired after 1st set. Nice of her to complete 1st set and make all bets valid :) My profit could be much higher but as I said many times, no need to be greedy. How could I know ? It was like somebody took money from kids....and this time I was a kid ;)

Trading tennis can be so easy or very dangerous. This time I was on the right side :)
What a great start for Almagro against Nadal, 5 games played and 4-1 to Almagro ! I feel sorry for Nadal backers, he may still be back but backing low odds like 1.07 and 1-4 on the scoreboard could make you very nervous. My move was lay Nadal and hope for a tight match but couldn't imagine it would be so easy for Almagro from the start. No need to be greedy. I made my hedge and enjoy watching tennis with no trading at the moment.

Wish you good luck with your bets !
Friday, May 14
Rezai and  Gulbis make this late trading session very interesting. Both players won 1st set and Gulbis just lost 2nd set to Federer 6-1. Nice swings in both matches as shown on screen shots. My screen is looking nice at the moment and I am having a break from trading until next match, Ferrer-Murray later on which will be the last one for today. Should be great match for your eyes and good for traders.
Good luck if you get involved in trading any of these matches !
Venus Williams has 3-0 head-to-head against Sam Stosur and she just won 1st set 6-3 after 2 nice swings which made it possible for me to make nice profit. Could it be Venus 4th win against Sam ? Yeah...I think so if she can serve like in 1st set.

 What to do now ? Well....With green on both players like this you see on my screen shot there is no need to take any more chances, I may play with some of my green. I don't think it will be easy 2nd set win for Venus but anything can happen as you saw in match earlier 6-1, 1-6......LOL

Anyway, I will follow Almagro-Melzer and Venus match at the same time....too bad I already missed one break of serve in Almagro match...
My day couldn't start better with Safarova 6-1 and now 0-3 in 2nd set :)

I would like to say....

I love when a plan comes together....

It looks easy now for Petrova in 2nd set....and I may have a cup of coffee and breakfast during 3rd set.
Just to remind you about next match, Stosur-Williams Venus should be great match for trading NOT miss it !
After last night's trading I got 5 hours sleep and feel it wasn't enough but tennis starting in about 5 minutes with Petrova-Safarova.

In game 6 of NBA play offs Celtics eliminated Cavaliers. No more NBA for a few days which means more sleep for me LOL.

OK, back to tennis, Safarova just got an early break of serve but struggling now on own serve with break balls for Petrova....let's hope she holds as I layed Petrova.

Wish you good luck with your bets and have fun !
Thursday, May 13
What a great fighter she is, Aravane Rezai on the image. She just won in 2 sets (6-4, 7-6) against Andrea Petkovic. Very tight in both sets and I post screenshot with highlighted area just to show you how dangerous it is to back at very low odds. Rezai was matched at 1.01 in tiebreak, I believe it was 6-1 but you see from the graph what happened. Petkovic was back in the match, won 7 points and had a setball at 8-7 but lost 3 points in a row and final result in tiebreak 10-8 Rezai.

Still some matches to play in Madrid and I look forward to Ferrer-Cilic and Gulbis-Lopez. I believe Ferrer's match should be very nice trading object ;)

Wish you good luck !!

It's not about me in great form, it's Sam Stosur still in very good form and playing solid tennis. Very low odds from start made it possible to lay Sam and look for opportunity to get some ticks and as you can see from the graph there was some opportunities during 1st set :) I think it will be end of trading this match if it goes like I think, easy win for Sam in 2nd set ? Well, it's WTA so you never know LOL

Good luck with your trading !
This match is still not over but it's getting late and my result trading 2 sets is very nice so I am going to leave it as it looks on screenshot. I still don't like trading 3rd sets and I feel there is no need to take any chances. Dulgheru leads in final set with one break of serve.

Today we had Tsonga retirement just after finished 1st set and lost to Garcia-Lopez. You remember what I said in my posts before ? ;) Very risky if you back some big favorites these days :)
Wednesday, May 12
I was in a hurry to get back home to see Safarova-Dulgheru. What a great surprise when I found it's still Ferrer-Baghdatis playing and what a great match it was ! Right after match I rank this as one of the best I have seen for a long time. Marcos had a matchball but Ferrer saved it with an amazing shot. This man was made of steel this night ;)

Marcos Baghdatis loser of match but what a great player he is when playing like tonight.
Final result Ferrer-Baghdatis 1-6, 6-3, 7-5

Safarova-Dulgheru will play later and I really hope there will be live coverage from Eurosport.

I see some really great trading opportunities when looking at todays tennis coupon. Too bad I have no time for more trading today and tomorrow. Maybe 1st set of Ivanovic-Jankovic but after that it's time go back to other commitments. Hoping to get back for Safarova-Dulgheru which also should be a match with some nice swings.

Wish all of you good luck and have fun while watching/trading tennis.
Tuesday, May 11
Daniel Munoz-De La Nava on the image, have you heard that name before ? He just defeated Sam Querrey in a 3 set match (6-7, 6-3, 7-5). Querrey was matched very low, had 5-3 in final set and serving for match at 5-4. Munoz came back to 5-5 and won 3rd set 7-5. How about it ? Sounds like a nice trading object ? ;)

Sam Querrey was the winner in Belgrade last week, playing final against Isner on last Sunday. Was it tired/injured player this time ? Maybe he just need some days off before Roland Garros.....

Once again, my careful if you back favorites. Big serving Querrey serving for match at 5-4 and losing match, 5-7 in deciding set...unbelievable ? :)

Busy with trading Wozniacki and Querrey I missed Youzhny, lost 1st set 6-2 but now 2-0 with a break.

OK, a short break for me and back to watch more tennis from Madrid....
My day started OK trading tennis. In my earlier posts I recommended to be very careful these days and my screenshot show you what I really mean. I must admit I was very lucky this time. Backed Andreev with no live stream at all, watching live pics from Radwanska-Schnyder on ESP. Suddenly I found something strange with scoreboard not updating scores from court 6. Now you guess, is it injury timeout or any other issues ? Hanescu was serving at 5-5 and 40-40. My decision was to change side and  put money on Hanescu. Waiting waiting and waiting...and after 5 mins I see Hanescu odds falling down to 1.01. I managed to put some more money just to be matched before market was suspended.....and retirement on the scoreboard :)

Wish you good luck....
Orlando Magic leads play off series 3-0 and right now playing game #4 in Atlanta. Image on the left side showing current score and my position on the market. It's late and I feel tired so this could be my final result from trading this match. Must be ready for tennis action tomorrow, starting in about 8 hours I think.

Today was another profitable day trading tennis & NBA. So far I don't miss horse racing at all. New readers of my blog maybe dont know I trade horses and greyhounds occasionally.

Anyway, wish you good luck if some of you still trading late night basketball.

Good night from me.....
Monday, May 10
Carlos Moya (on the image) lost today to Benjamin Becker, 6-0, 6-2 and let me make very nice profit from this match. In fact it was very long time ago I had result like this from one single tennis match.

But, not all my trades ended with profit today, I still can not understand what happened when trading Monfils-Robert. I lost £155. I did some wrong decisions and was too confident with myself. Expected 3rd set and it was too late to recover my misstakes....It's life, and I just want to let you know I also have bad results.

I am involved at the moment in 2 WTA matches but not trading after I managed to make hedge for a level profit.

I am closing my tennis trading session for the day and may wait for NBA later this night. I have now 2 days off after very busy weekend doing my real job.
I usually post images of winners in my posts. Not this time, I think Vera Dushevina "deserved" a place here after great match against Serena Williams. 3set match decided in 3 tiebreaks, it was traders paradise with huge swings and even market expected Serena retirement at some point in 3rd set. Serena had injury timeout when leading 3-2, won 2 more games after timeout and had 5-2 in 3rd set. I took a chance and layed Serena for some of my green. it was very lucky bet as Vera started her comeback and suddenly 5-5 on the scoreboard. Dushevina had also 4-0 in tiebreak but at the end it was Serena winner of this match 7-5 in tiebreak.

I recommended in my post below to be careful these days and I still repeat my recommendation ;)

Mikhail Youzhny is the winner of BMW Open in Munich. Youzhny won the match against Marin Cilic 6-3, 4-6 and 6-4. Finals in Munich and Estoril closed my very successful week :)
Some very unexpected results in Madrid yesterday, Sharapova and Henin, both players lost yesterday. I recommend to be very careful when trading tennis these days so close to French Open.

Now let's have a look at todays offer, WTA and ATP from Madrid.
Todays In-Play tennis matches below....
Good luck with your bets.
Sunday, May 9
From my posts below you should already know who is my player of the week :)

Maria Jose Martinez Sanchez was one to follow this week. I could not watch her final win yesterday and was busy trading Cilic during 1st set in womens final in Rome. Congratulations to Maria Jose, really well done and deserved after defeating: Wozniacki, Safarova, Ivanovic, Jankovic.

At the moment I am watching BMW Open Final Cilic-Youzhny. Very good start for Youzhny and for me so far. 4-1 to Youzhny on the scoreboard and I am already in position where I could hedge and I may leave it as it is....Very fast and easy trading this time...thanx goes to Cilic once again not playing very good in 1st set LOL. I may jump onto next final, Estoril or Belgrade but am not sure if I am going to trade these matches. I have only 2 more hours available for trading...could be not enough time.....

Looking forward to Monday and tennis from Madrid. Good luck to all with your trades....!
Saturday, May 8

Marin Cilic did it again, lost 1st set which made his odds moving to a level where I could not resist to back him. It was right move, Cilic won second set 6-2 and I got huge green on Marin with red on Baghdatis. Anyway, Cilic is not my favorite player and as I said before, I dont like trading 3rd set. Decided to close my position and on the screenshot you can see price movement and some stats from this match. I am not able to follow this match to the end. This was my only trade for the day. Was too busy with trading/watching Cilic match so I missed Jankovic-Martinez Sanchez match. Jankovic just lost 1st set tiebreak and I feel sorry not backing Maria Jose this time, she is player of the week for me so far....Will be interesting to follow this lady in next tournaments.
Friday, May 7
What a difference compared to last game between both teams. In match 1 Orlando won by 43 points. This time Orlando players started well, prematch odds around 1.18 but at half time on the scoreboard we saw 57-49 Atlanta lead and Orlando team odds around 1.8. Nice swing...from 1.08 matched early in 1st Quarter to 1.8 ;) After halftime break we could see Magic players at their best. At the end easy win 112-98 to Orlando Magic with Howard scored 29 points and 3 other players with 20 or more points. Very strong team performance and big smile on my face after match ;)

Today I have only 5 hours available for trading tennis and with only 2 matches to play in Roma it doesn't look so good for me. I am involved in Sevastova-Peng right now but watching only Betfairs live video is not the best way.

Anyway, will see what happens during the day. I am back to my other commitments, days off are over...back to work :( There will be no chance for more NBA trading this weekend......too bad, but it's life.
Thursday, May 6
What a day it was, very long trading session, about 8 hours I think with some short breaks between games and when play was delayed due to rain. I found trading tennis today very easy until Cilic-Greul. In fact this match shouldn't be a problem but maybe I was too tired or maybe....maybe nice profit from games before raised my confidence to a level where I was too confident, used too big stakes and went against the market at some times. Anyway, I was in BIG trouble when Greul won 1st set tiebreak. I tried cut my loss, placed some risky bets on Cilic with hope he still will be fighting to the end. I was in heaven when Marin took a chance and won 2 of 4 break points in 2nd set. Odds moved enough to hedge for a profit of £42....(Cilic won, 6-7, 6-2, 7-5)

I know £42 is no big money but on a day like this such profit feels like £420...ohh....maybe you know what I mean ;)

Today's trading started with Garcia Lopez-Tavares...very easy match, no sweat at all... (Garcia Lopez won, 6-2,6-2) LOL Next on court in Roma, Maria Jose against Safarova. Like yesterday, Maria did her job very well and won in 2 sets, it wasn't easy. Safarova was fighting to the end but Martinez Sanchez is a great clay court player and still in form.

Todays biggest disappointment was Venus Williams against Jankovic (Jankovic won, 6-0,6-1). Good for me, my best result is from this match. At the same time in Belgrade, Novak Djokovic was fighting with himself and his opponent, Fognini. Novak was in command from the start, matched at very low odds ..... and broken back, time after time :) From screen shot you can see Djokovic was broken 4/6 times. There is no big difference in total points won but I would still say it was Novak in total control.(6-4,6-4)

As usual, some screenshots below...

Total in title, it was one of my happy days....thanx to Cilic for a good fight ;)

Traded San Antonio Spurs @ Phoenix Suns last night. It was a very different story compared to 1st game between both teams. In first game Suns had a lead by 9 points after 1st Quarter, this time it was Spurs leading by 9 (30-21), but Phoenix came back in 2nd and 51-51 on the scoreboard at half time. In total a very nice game for trading with some big and fast swings which are great if you are on the right side but even make it possible to recover if you made some bad trades.

Phoenix leads 2-0 now but expect another close match when they go to play away from home next time. As I see it Tim Duncan needs more help from his teammates if they want to beat strong team from Phoenix.

Screen shot made just before bed time for me...did'nt trade during 3rd Quarter at all.

Now it's time for tennis....and let's see what is available ;)

I look forward to watch Maria Jose again....if you know what I mean ;) Should be great for trading.

Wish you good luck with your bets !

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