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Sunday, July 24
Decided to make a blog post about my trading yesterday just because it is something to remember.

If you followed me for some time maybe you remember there is one player on the ATP I called money making machine :) Why ? Well, it's just because I am lucky to make very nice profits with this man on courts ;)
Yes, I am talking about Mikhail Youzhny. It happens I have a plan before match start at some occasions and yesterday my plan was very simple....Lay the winner of 1st set (=back loser) in match Simon-Youzhny. Mikhail did not make me disappointed LOL. Youzhny wins 1st set...ok. Time to put some money on Simon now and just wait. This time I decided to let it go, no scalping, no trading during games, just try to relax and watch the game. Simon playing OK and with 1st serve about 70% it's looking very nice for me ;) I expected better odds when putting my money on Simon after first set but maybe market was scared by head2head between these players. (7-1 to Youzhny before this match) Well, I don't care about H2H at this occasion.

I have no idea what happened to Youzhny or if it was Simon playing amazing tennis. To me it looks like something strange was going on in Youzhny's head LOL

Some stats from this match says alot, in 3rd final set Simon's 1st serve goes down from 73 (2nd set) to very low 47%. Youzhny's 1st serve 76% and still he lost 6-1 in final set !!! LOL

Look at break points won, Simon 6/6, Youzhny 3/13, it makes a difference :) It was a great trading match ....I don't like to see red numbers on my ladder and it's why I decided to hedge while Simon was still in total control in final set. It's never over before the match point is won in tennis (or with Azarenka on court there may be retirement at any time LOL)  ;)
I am going to enjoy my Sunday now.

Good luck everyone !
Friday, July 8
It wasn't me !!! LOL

I believe it must be a very special phone number, so special that Alize Cornet must have her mobile phone on during her tennis match against Caroline Wozniacki :)
Watch what happened at match point in her match this week in Bastad-Sweden.....talking about courtsiders trading tennis using mobile devices ? LOL

Trading on BetdaQ is more and more interesting and I truly hope some of my followers will join me and give BetdaQ another chance. It's still no serious trading on there, it's only days after Wimbledon and most of my money still invested on Betfair :)
The future will be very interesting and full of opportunities I hope so...

Would you like to trade Betdaq markets using The Geek's Toy ? Please let The Geek know you want Betdaq Toy now....! :)

I found interesting post on Peter Webb's (BetAngel) blog, "Lack of liquidity"

and here are some of his words....

So when you look at a any market, look for the opportunity, not the problem. That’s how I started over 11 years ago. Liquidity on Betdaq is bound to rise in the near future, so for me that’s an opportunity. Even if you are not a premium charge payer over on Betfair I suggest that a new opportunity has been created on Betdaq with its introduction. I suggest you gear up to take advantage of that.

I agree with what Peter says in his post.....who knows...maybe it's time to Enjoy BetdaQ trading ? :)

Monday, July 4
I already posted so many times, on my blog and different trading forums, what I really think about Betfair. The time has come to say...


Transaction charges, data request charges, premium charges etc...add to this some of the issues like API not available, Betfairs website not available.

While trading I keep saying to myself and advising other traders...NO NEED TO BE GREEDY !!!  Betfair seems to forget about this rule. I tried to move my trading to BetdaQ a few times but unfortunately found there was no liquidity enough to make me happy. I'm talking about tennis markets on Betdaq, not sure how it looks on horse racing markets. It's time to do something ! Betdaq, please take your chance and show you are really serious and ready for a BIG change in your business. I am sure all serious traders need some alternatives to UNFAIR Betfair.
I am happy there are some people/traders already trying to do something. Time to stop talking and let's see some action !

Join and see what's going on here....

I am a part-timer on Betfair markets, I am really very small fish among big sharks but Betfair's arrogance and their greed makes me feel sick.
We already have free API trading software available for Betdaq. I believe the reason vendors like Bet Angel, Gruss, Binteko (DaqBot) make their applications available for free to us is they also want some more action on Betdaq markets.....

I really hope it's going to happen in a very near future.

We must stop Betfair's unfair actions NOW !!! Join the revolution now.................

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