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Tuesday, December 14
Last night I watched and traded another NFL game, Baltimore Ravens @Houston Texans.

This time I was happy with my hedged profit at half time (21-7 Ravens lead)  and was going to bed.

Ravens scored another touchdown in 3rd Quarter and 28-7 on the scoreboard. Baltimore traded @1.02. Somehow, I could not sleep and keep watching this game...On the scoreboard before last 4th Quarter 28-13. I have no idea what both teams did at half time but it was two different teams from now. Texans offense was on  fire and Ravens defence got problems, big problems. Texans made touchdown after an amazing 99-yard (!!!) drive, the longest drive in team history. Another touchdown with 21 seconds to play and 28-26 on the scoreboard which means it wasn't enough with an extra point, Houstons needed 2 points and guess what ! They did it, 2-points conversion was good !!! 28-28 and we got overtime....

NFL and overtime is more gambling than trading, Baltimore wins the game after Matt Schaub's pass was intercepted and returned for 12 yard touchdown. Game is over and some traders very happy, other are very poor and sad I guess....

At some time in 3rd Quarter there was +500000£ to back Baltimore @1.02 and waiting for layers LOL

Here is screenshot.....

Saturday, December 11
Davis Cup final was the end of my tennis trading season. Serbia to win wasn't a surprise at all but I must admit I was surprised after all 4 singles finished after 3 played sets. I expected 4 or 5 set games so no big profits there.

It means my trading life must go on without tennis markets. My Betfair bank is now reduced and I am trading NBA. NFL, horses, dogs and...handball LOL

Oh well, handball was just one bet for fun when Sweden played Netherlands @European Championships. I could not resist to put some money on swedish ladies ;)

Just to show you what I did today I decided to post a, last 24 hours I traded 5 sports with some profit total but my horse trading today was a disaster. I made some very stupid decisions when trading horses. Such result makes I don't feel very happy at the end of the day. Greyhounds saved my day today....I am not sure what to do now after such bad day on horse markets, maybe need a rest and try again next week...

I am going to do some trading tonight, Lakers@Chicago Bulls, odds right now 1.8 - 2.2. Maybe Orlando@Utah if I manage to find a stream for this one.

It's all from me for now, wish you good luck !

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