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Saturday, April 30
Sorry but I could not stay away and let it be ;) It's about Azarenka's come back in Madrid. More background info a few posts below (Injured one more time).

It looks now as Victoria is ready to play some tough matches again a few days after her retirement last time. She is currently favorite @1.15 against Vera Dushevina, so this time "insiders" are not scared by low price or any signs of an injury LOL

What makes me even more laughing is the fact she decided to play doubles. Not bad for a player injured a few days ago. Did you had a look at her list of retirements/injuries ? I am impressed by her ability to recover from injuries in almost no time....and decision to play doubles despite problems with her body...

I am looking forward to see how she will be doing and waiting for any signs of next retirement, would you bet there will be retirement before Roland Garros ? :)
Tuesday, April 26
Jarmila Gajdosova
This post is for those of you who are wondering who the f**k is Jarmila Gajdosova. She is playing at the moment in Estoril against Voracova. Gajdosova is maybe more known as Jarmila Groth, she married australian player Samuel Groth but they separated April 2011 and she decided go back to use her maiden name.

So don't think Gajdosova is a mug player LOL

It's all for now and back to trading ;)

Good luck !
Thursday, April 21
Great news for some traders !

The Geek made a new version of A Geek's Toy Pro available yesterday. This time TG added a new TRAINING MODE to the software, so now you can play on Betfair's markets using play money ;)

More about it here.

May I introduce you to this new training mode ? ;)

I wasn't very successful, right ? LOL

And here is another image, this time using real I ? Take a guess...

From now you have one more reason to download and try out The Geek's Toy
Wednesday, April 20
This time no more green screens from me. This post will be about something different.

Victoria Azarenka just retired from match against Julia Goerges. Azarenka won first set 6-4, Goerges was broken when serving at 1-1 and Azarenka got 4-1 and 5-2 lead.

Before start of this match I was shocked when I saw Azarenka's odds going from 1.3 to 1.8. Something was wrong, I thought. Checked one more time if match already started but NO ! BIG money on Azarenka to lose this match, who are those people ? Well, no live stream available, watching scoreboard and Azarenka cruising. There was a short break, maybe injury time-out. I have no idea, don't care. The problem is money placed on Azarenka to lose before match started !

Have a look at my images and check out graphs.

5-2 on scoreboard and check odds

Betfair's rules are: If the first set is not completed all bets on this market will be void.

Would you bet on Azarenka to finish first set and retire ? I did it, unfortunately only small stake.

And the game is over here.....

My advice, be careful with Azarenka on court next time ;)

Here is Azarenka's short (?) injury list, what kind of injury this time ?

And at last, thanks to Victoria for completing first set otherwise some people would be very disappointed I guess LOL
Took me long time to think about what happened yesterday. To be honest I was afraid of myself. I decided to NOT raise my stakes, cashed in part of last days profits and just try to forget about my luck yesterday ;)

I need to clear my mindset. In the past I let my emotions take over which made me use too big stakes and overconfidence was my problem. So this time I must stay calm and do what I did last days/weeks/months.

I hope it will be an easy day without too many emotions. Started my day trading Zvonareva-Pavlyuchenkova and believe I will let it be as on my screenshot. It's just an OK green...players are now going to play 3rd set after Pavlyuchenkova had an injury time-out during second set.

Good luck all my followers !
Tuesday, April 19
Wow...!!! What a day it was so far. This time I really need more than a cup of coffee LOL

From images below you see what I mean. It's without any doubts my best ever result for a single day. First huge profit from Lisicki-Cibulkova and now Petkorazzi makes my day even more enjoyable. I am not the great one, I never said and never will. It was just my lucky day when laying low odds payed. I did it many times, nothing different today. Maybe the difference was I was calm enough to wait longer than before while watching my green growing :)

Andrea Petkovic

Petkovic was 1.13 before the match and she lost first set. There will be no more trading for me today. Davydenko still playing against Dolgopolov in Barcelona. Jankovic still to come against a player I never seen before, Beatriz Garcia Vidagany. I need a break and be ready for tomorrow...

Rezai match was a great trading opportunity too. I was going for another HUGE win but wasn't confident enough to let it run and hedged for +£400 profit...

Wish you good luck, maybe tomorrow will be your day ....;)
Sabine Lisicki
It's only Tuesday but I believe the girl on the left will be player of this week for me. Cibulkova lost first set, Lisicki was serving to win a match, 9 breaks of serve so far, injury time-out for Cibulkova, well, what more to say ?

This match has everything needed to make a very nice profit. Players are now playing tiebreak in second set but I will not touch this market anymore..Time to have a break now or maybe try my luck trading horses ;)

Wish you nice profits.....
I had a great start yesterday and I was lucky trading both horses and tennis markets through the day. When I look back some years ago clay season was a nightmare for me. Last year and this year is just fantastic so far.

Days like today are very busy so no enough time for blogging.

We have live streams from all 3 tournaments today !!! A true paradise for tennis lovers, let's hope we can make some money while watching tennis ;)

As I am writing this post I see something very strange on the Barcelona scoreboard. Starace just won first set against Gimeno-Traver but his (Starace) price is now up to 7-8...retirement comming I guess :) I backed Potito but am now RED on Starace trying to recover and save some money...small green on Gimeno-Traver atm....have no idea whats going on there LOL

Some screenshots below and going back to trading.....

Todays tennis coupon
Good luck all traders and have a great green day :)

Update...only to show what happened in Starace-Gimeno match...LOL

Another update to show you why this day should be called 'Retirements Day'

And here are Potito Starace's injuries....was it headache today ? LOL
I like UNKNOWN injuries LOL
Monday, April 18
Albert Ramos
My first tennis market this week, have been away and no trading tennis markets last weekend at all...only a few late evening horse races Friday to Sunday...

So let's look at my screenshot. This match has everything you need to make money. First round, 2 players from Spain, 33 year old Ramirez Hidalgo and 23 years old Albert Ramos...

How I did it ? To be honest I started watching scoreboard after first set finished. I missed start of this match, no live stream available here. Ramirez takes first set 6-4 and got 4-1 lead in second set, after Ramos was broken twice but when I saw Ramirez serving at 4-1 and 0-15, 0-30, 0-40...hmm I thought it's getting VERY interesting, odds are still looking nice and I started trading. After that players hold their service games 3 times and we have Ramirez serving at 5-4 to win match. Another lay of Ramirez-Hidalgo and guess what ?! He was broken again LOL I believe, my intuition says this match is to be decided in third set and both players should be happy ;) Anyway, my green is looking nice so I am out and taking a cup of coffee :)

It's a good start for this new week, as always some luck involved but believe me this kind of trading, laying at low price gives nice profits without using big liability.

Thursday, April 14
Wow...what a match it was.

I traded on Robredo's ladder and had a liability about £400, red on Troicki. First set to Robredo, 6-3 and he is playing OK, serving at 1-2 and 30-30 second set, Tommy to 40-30 when he suddenly asked for a trainer....BIG panic on match odds market ! what to do now ?! I wait for a few minutes, injury time out for Robredo and I start placing my money on Troicki. Now I am RED on Robredo...but want to get some green on Troicki. After injury time-out Tommy lost next point and I placed more on Troicki. My final position on this market you see on the image. Easy money ? Well...I was really lucky this time. It shows you how important it is to WATCH players LIVE and NOT to keep liability on any player, even when it looks like it's over. You never know when an injury comes....
Wish you good luck !
Monday, April 11
Trading Wincanton today(Sunday) was a nightmare for me. I really should stay away from this track ;) You can see what I mean when you check my PnL image. Still managed to get profit overall but such losses are not easy to forget.

Sunday means tennis finals and I traded all of them. As I said in my previous post about Kei Nishikori. Starting price 1.35 wasn't great value. Too bad, I placed my bets at wrong time and on wrong player. Struggling through the match I could finally make a profit. It makes me feel good when after a few wrong decisions I managed to recover and turn my red into green ;)

Below are pictures of winners this week...

Pablo Andujar

Caroline Wozniacki

Ryan Sweeting

Victoria Azarenka

And now my result with some BIG reds from Wincanton :(

Sunday, April 10
Kei Nishikori
I have been very busy last few days doing my full time job, trading, learning, testing and enjoying my new toy. What do I mean with new toy ? No, it's not a new version of The Geek's trading software ! It is my new smartphone which I am going to use for trading. What I am trying to do is remote control of my home PC. PC will be running a bot for placing bets on horse markets when I'm away from home. I will use my phone to setup my bot and control what's going on through the day. So far I did only some tests but it looks promising.

What about trading this week ? All I could say is: fantastic ! Tennis still very high strike rate. In fact, I started to use an Excel spreadsheet to keep all my records and it shows my SR for tennis markets is at the moment 93%. I have to be happy with it.....what is not very good is my average loss compared to average profit on markets. It's something I have to work on.....

I made nice profit trading Nishikori(on the image)-Cuevas yesterday. As you can see on my image I used some of my green and placed a bet on Cuevas during the 2nd set. In fact Pablo Cuevas had a very good chance and got 2 break points when Nishikori was serving at 6-5 to win a match. Unfortunately Nishikori saved BP's and won match 6-3, 7-5....

Now it's time to play final against Ryan Sweeting. Japanese player is a favorite to win this match and I believe he will do but odds at 1.35 are not a great value for me at the moment...I will wait and see what happens from the start....Nishikori played amazing this week, Sweeting on the other side is NOT one of my favorite players...he was involved in some "strange" games with strange results in the past...Last night he won against Karlovic but to be honest Karlo was very poor or maybe had some issues after playing for more than 3 hours against Isner the day before.

If you want to start trading tennis it's right time to start now....Monte-Carlo ATP Masters started today with almost all the best players...Djokovic and Soderling are missing. Live coverage for this tournament is as always very good ..........

Good luck !
Tuesday, April 5
Gimeno Traver
The man on the left made ​​me sweat and swear loudly yesterday. He wasn't alone, the other one was Hanescu. I am talking about 1st round match in Casablanca. My money was on wrong player from the start. I thought it was great value backing Hanescu at 1.8. It wasn't !!! Players made this match look like a classic WTA game. Look at stats below. Gimeno-Traver still to win a match this year. Hanescu defeated Gimeno February 15th this year (6-3, 7-6). Yesterday was a nightmare for me. Hanescu lost first set, I am big red. Second set Hanescu is still very poor. I tried to decrease my red, had no idea what to do. Almost going for level red, gambling, testing my luck etc. Intuition says this match can NOT end in 2 sets. There MUST be a third set, are they playing for real or not, if you know what I mean ;) What makes me feel strange is when a favorite looks not interested to win a game ! When a player is not showing any feelings on court while he is making unforced errors like a child on court. Both players ranked about 60 on ATP list. I made a decision to wait for a final 3rd set and just hoping Hanescu takes 2nd set.

Guess what ! I was right ! Happy after Hanescu finally wins second set 6-4. Now trying to hedge for level green on both. Odds jumping like crazy, had to move up my hedging bet a few times. Finally it was done at the start of 3rd set. My total number of matched bets on this market was 32. Now I do NOT want to place any more bets on this crazy match. Maybe 10 mins later we got 4-0 to Hanescu in final set ! 4-0 !!! BIG money matched at 1.01, what happens now ?! From 4-0 to 4-4 LOL What a game it was, money making machine was running but NOT for me. I had bad feelings, odds from 1.01 to +2.0 in no time !

It ended with a profit for me but it could be BIG red. Maybe it was my lucky day or maybe my intuition is not so bad. Anyway, it was more gambling than trading....

Have a look at Gimeno-Traver's stats this year.

This man is traveling around the world just to lose first match and moving on to next tournament. I wonder if he is flying at the moment in economy or business class. I think he "deserved" to fly business LOL

We learn something new every day ......Wish you luck guys !
Friday, April 1

After I threw The Toy far away (see my previous post) I got it back just in time to start trading Nadal-Berdych last night. Toy has landed NOT so far away from me, LOL

I was bored while waiting for Nadal match to start and inspired by a new month (April !) when writing previous post. And if you still not sure I confirm it was an April fools' joke about my last trade on Betfair. I was happy after Maria Sharapovas match yesterday. Not that she is one of my favorite players but I am always glad to see great players comming back. Playing final in Miami is a very good result already and against Azarenka she has a chance to win. Sharapova have an injury but who knows how serious it really is ? She said:

"It hurt when I did it. I iced it a lot & did an ice bath & got it taped. Yeah, I think I'll be okay. I'm tough."

It's something to have in mind while trading the final but it will be tomorrow. Today we have mens semifinals to think about.

Trading Nadal-Berdych last night was a very interesting experience. Berdych was broken in his first service game, very easy from 3-0 to 6-2 in first set for Rafa. Second set and a very different story ! Berdych holds his serve (1-0) but this time Nadal broken in his first service game. I decided to lay Nadal and just hoping Berdych will hold his serve. He did it and I was going to hedge at 3-0 in second set. Nadal called for a trainer and talking about some issues, what to do now ? I see my green on Berdych growing nicely but I had another Nadal match in mind when he lost second set 6-0 (!!!) to Lukas Lacko just to win 6-3 in final third set. This time I decided not to be greedy and placed my hedge bet before the second set was over. In my age I must take care of my heart and Berdych is one of those players you could expect anything on court, matched at 1.01 against Ramirez-Hidalgo just to lose second set ;)
Final set started with Nadal serving and...0-40 (!) but who is number ONE ? ;) Rafa won 5 points in a row and 1-0 on the scoreboard. I tried to make a few ticks profit in 3rd set but gave up at 2-2, it was great match with 2 players in form. I enjoyed it alot...Nadal won at the end 6-3

Next one was Azarenka-Zvonareva. I decided to lay server before the match started. It was Vera to start serving and she was broken immediately :) Hedge and wait now...Azarenka to 30-0 another smaller lay of Vera, Vicky holds ! Another break when Zvonareva serving and this time I call it over for me, final hedge and stop of trading for the day/night.

Not a very spectacular profits but I am happy and keep saying any green is good ;)

Horse racing is another story. I had some very good days and some bad days trading horses. A new flat season and yesterday I played with minimum stakes £2 trying my Excel/Gruss combo. I am still not mastering automated betting, still too much to learn. maybe it's not for me. But I like to learn some new stuff and new strategies so i am going to give it a try. I only hope the horses do not eat up my tennis profits LOL

Below some shots from yesterday:

The fun is over after my last trade. Tried a very new strategy on one of tennis markets and image on the left shows you what happened.....

A very BIG BIG it fills my 24" screen. What is even worse, I blow my Betfair bank with one trade. Sharapova did it to me !  Maria it's your fault !

How could it happen ? I have no idea, I did NOTHING wrong, Petkovic won first set 6-3 but in 2nd and 3rd set it was one way traffic, Sharapova won 6-0 6-2 ....

It made me throw my TOY far away from me, RIP....

The Journey is OVER !

Wish all of my followers and readers of my blog better luck !

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