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Saturday, February 19
Mikhail Youzhny
The man on the left, Mikhail Youzhny has been like a money making machine for me this week if you know what I mean. ;) Today was another day with some fantastic trading opportunities. You should check scoring history to completely understand what I am talking about. 3 days in a row he played 3 set matches and today was the one when he lost first set 6-2, won second set 6-1, was serving to win a match at 5-4 to lose it 7-5 in 3rd set...just perfect if you not backing a player at low odds LOL

I forgot to say he played Marin Cilic today...:)

Below you can watch one of my favorite tennis's not the latest but may be enjoyable for you anyway...

Definitely a man to watch if you like to trade tennis.....;)
Thursday, February 17
After a great week on Betfair markets and trading almost full time last 2 weeks I am back to my daily job this week. Anyway, I try to do some trading every evening/night. Just found that today we got a live coverage from Memphis so at the moment I am watching Querrey-Dabul but it looks like it's over. Querrey leads 6-3, 3-1. Dabul still with no chance to break Querrey's serve. I hope there will be live coverage from Stepanek-Raonic. I really look forward to see more of Milos Raonic. This guy defeated Fernando Verdasco 2 times in last 3 days ;) Now it's time for Stepanek and I feel Milos has a great chance to win.

Uppsss....I see Dabul is back in his match. Querrey broken and we have 3-3 in second many times said, expect unexpected :)

Wish all of you good luck....I hope you don't see something like this...

Images are from last night when nothing was working for me for about 10-15 minutes...lucky enough I had closed my markets just before it happened.
Saturday, February 12
Regarding my post from yesterday about Wickmayer-Kvitova live on ESP. I hope some of you guys were watching and trading this match as it was very "trader friendly" game ;)

Anyway, my best result yesterday was Kanepi-Cibulkova. I was just lucky from the start and made some good decisions during the match. Second best was Clijsters-Dokic. Kim started making plenty of errors almost like against Barrois in previous round. This time Clijster managed to win first set 6-3 and 2nd set was only one player on the court ;) 6-0 to Kim.

I was up and traded also 5 of late night games. Monfils won his match against Smyczek but has pulled out of tournament with a wrist injury. I looked forward to see Del Potro playing against Hewitt and I must admit I backed Juan Del P with 15% of my Betfair bank. I wasn't disappointed at all. I will show you a screen shot from this match as it's very rarely you see such one-way traffic without up and downs ;)

As I am writing this post on the court in Pattaya, Zvonareva is playing against Hantuchova. Vera has already saved 2 matchpoints....Will see if this match is over before I click "Publish Post" button....:) 
Vera lost first set tie break, after she was serving to win set at 5-4. I was already green on both players before tie break and found odds on Zvonareva way too low. I mean, 1.25-1.30 against a player like Hantuchova ? No way ! So I decided to play with my green and put some of that on Daniela. Head-2-Head is 4-1 to Zvonareva I believe, but last time they played in USA, Daniela won, 7-6, 0-6,'s why I found those odds too low. Daniela won tiebreak 7-3 and is now in second set serving to win match at 5-4.. Let's see....40-40, wait !

Just found official scoreboard is showing 5-5 already LOL what a joke it is.....heheheh...still deuce...scoreboard back to 5-4, Bp, 40-40, A-40, after some very strange calls from umpire Vera doesn't want to play anymore LOL. Now we have WTA supervisor on court talking to umpire and Zvonareva. I have no idea what the right score is now in 2nd set ;)....ok, it was match point, taken, GSM. final result 7-6, 6-4. Nice win...

What is next ? I guess we are now waiting for Kvitova-Mattek Sands. It will be very tough one I think.
Friday, February 11
Start of match, first game...
Geek's Toy showing match is suspended...hmmm....checking Betfair's website....and they let me know they are sory....OK...that's FAIR....or maybe not...more testing today, more jokes ?

After such start and after what happened yesterday all I can say very careful !
What a fantastic start today.

Vera Zvonareva against Shuai Peng in Pattaya. After a few hours of sleep I woke up and started trading 2nd set, no stream, no live pics, only scoreboard to watch. From my screenshots you can see final result, scoring history and graph for this match. It's all about finding a good value and at some occasions I thought odds were crazy. I mean, some punters must be very desperate otherwise I could not explain such crazy odds movements.

Without taking too big risks I could make a decent profit watching only scoreboard on my screen.

As image says more than 1000 words I will let you have a look at my shots....

Ok, now it's time for Wickmayer-Kvitova live on ESP, can we expect some of breaks of serve ? ;)  I believe so, I hope so...

Wish all of you good luck !!
Thursday, February 10
All my In-play markets has been suspended due to some problems on Betfairs side. It reminds me of last year, same API issues. I guess Betfair are "upgrading" their servers before Cheltenham...LOL

Just found some more info from Betfair:

Betfair Customer Services's blog
After the problems with the site last week we are running some tests to make sure we don’t see a repeat of them this weekend.

At 13.00, 17.20 and 17.50 there may be a short interruption to the site but this is part of the planned testing and should last only a matter of a minute or two.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.

No patience and no understanding from me.....Lucky I was all green already....

Day off ?

Please, please...let's go and trade BetdaQ...;)
Wednesday, February 9
It's going to be another busy day if you are as me and trading both tennis and horses. I decided to NOT place any bets/trades for fun like I did yesterday on greyhounds markets and lost parts of my profit made from tennis and horse racing.

Below you see today's In-play tennis coupon. With so many matches I think there is something interesting for most of you....;)
From traders point of view I like Tsonga-Llodra, Cilic-Melzer, Murray-Baghdatis etc...and don't forget WTA, matches from Paris with live coverage on Eurosport and Eurosport 2...Oudin-Cibulkova should be perfect as trading object !

I am not going to post my P&L daily. I did it after my £300 loss on horses just to let you know about my mistakes and lack of discipline, like yesterday when placing some kind of "fun bets"

Good luck !
Bethanie Mattek-Sands
Yes, I did it ! I decided to give my horse trading another chance today and it was a very lucky day. I am really happy with my result but I am aware I can not expect such results every day. With no mistakes it can be done and what a difference from yesterday when I lost more than £300....

From my P&L screenshots you can see my loss on greyhounds today. I can not believe it...Having decent profit from tennis and horses I decided to have some fun and started trading dogs while watching races live on Sky Sport. It wasn't very lucky move and ended with £236 loss on dogs.....lack of discipline ? stupidity ? yeah, something like this for sure :(

But hey.....I feel great and happy anyway....just have to work harder on my discipline.

Tennis trading is still going strong this year. Traded 15 tennis markets with 100% strike rate, it's not bad ;)  My best result was Mattek-Sands against Suarez Navarro. My screenshot from this match taken just after first set was finished. Really one way traffic it was.

Well it's not over yet, I am still trading Andreev-Mayer and waiting for Robredo-Fognini later tonight.

It's all from me for now....wish you good luck and keep it green !
Tuesday, February 8
After yesterday's loss when trading horses I decided to have a look at my P&L for last 7 days . I am still doing some stupid mistakes trading horses and you can see how my PnL looks like. Horses are the only sport I couldn't make profit from. Maybe it's time to think about it.....It's still not a big loss but if I can do about £1500 trading tennis and no profit at all from horses during same time period maybe I should forget it ?
I must admit I want and I like playing with horse racing markets, it's just not giving me profits.

I have no idea what to do with it.....I had such a great run trading horses last week, every day  in profit until yesterday when I lost +£300 :(

Will let you know later today if I decided to trade horses today, right now I feel like I am going to just watch n trade tennis only....

Today in Rotterdam we can see players like: Ferrer, Ljubicic, Tsonga, Gulbis, Soderling and Berdych. Not bad at all ! ;) A Murray is scheduled to play tomorrow against Baghdatis, what a match it's going to be !

Action can be seen live on Sport 1 Tennis, 19E Astra....;)

Wish you good luck and keep it green.............
Monday, February 7
Packers beat Steelers 31-25 and are the winners of Super Bowl 2011. Very well done and deserved I guess.....Why I said "I guess" ?

It's, well...I have to admit I fell asleep with 21-3 Packers lead on the scoreboard ;) LOL I missed half time show too....what a shame !

Lucky enough my position on the match odds market was hedged before I fell asleep so no damage there :)

Just before Super Bowl I traded ATP final from Santiago (Chile), Santiago Giraldo-Tommy Robredo. Another one very friendly for traders tennis match ....I hope you understand now that I love tennis matches with scores like yesterday....6-2, be decided in 3rd set tiebreak. This time Tommy beat Santiago in Santiago and won his 10th ATP World Tour title, well done !

Today I look forward to live tennis from Rotterdam and hope to find live coverage for WTA (Paris).

Well, it was very interesting week for tennis traders I think. Some very strange outcomes and some very "strange" matches. I could not trade every day but managed to trade some of evenings games. One of them was Fognini-Bellucci in Santiago. And what a match it was ! Very to say....."friendly for traders" if you know what I mean. On the left you see my screenshot from this match and now a few words about this game.

1st set...Fognini not motivated (?) at all, not focused, not interested to do anything on the court..or maybe just trying to lose 1st set as quick as possible LOL

Sorry, maybe I am too hard but I couldn't stop thinking this way. So Bellucci wins set 6-1. 2nd set is another story, now is time for Belluci to do the same and 2nd set to Fabio, 6-2. Third set is one way traffic, Fognini 4-0 and now Bellucci decided to play tennis again or should I say Fabio decided to make it more "interesting and profitable" :) LOL Fognini from 4-0 to 4-1 to 4-2, 4-3, 4-4, 4-5, 5-5 and 6-6, tiebreak, 7-0 to Fognini and GSM. From screenshot you see what I mean by "friendly for traders" ;) Both players traded below 1.10 before deciding tiebreak.

During this week Pinnacle removed some of ATP tennis matches after some strange price I said in my previous post. Here is another one, Giraldo-Chela

Final result was, Giraldo-Chela 6-4, 6-3.............

It is an advice to new tennis traders, beware of backing some tennis players at very low odds just when you think the game is's not that easy  ;)

Good luck ! ;)

Upppsssss.....I forgot to say, IT'S SUPER BOWL TIME ! ;) wake up all traders 
Wednesday, February 2
Yeah, I just found 2 more tennis players to remember and maybe put on my list ;)

It's Fritz Wolmarans and Igor Sijsling. They just finished 1st round match in Johannesburg. I was very curious and started to follow this match after I found this....

Watching live stream and following live was strange, so many times scoreboard was showing different score from what I saw following live stream..hmm...drunk scoreboard operator ? LOL Could it be ? hehe...

Anyway...3rd set and players have no problems at all to hold their serve games....4-4 and Sijsling serving...40-15 I believe it it's time to make money....double fault....another one double fault...40-40 2 more "mistakes" and from 4-4, 40-15 we have now 4-5 and Wolmarans serving to win problems...Sisjing "can NOT" win any more points in this match LOL

It was really easy money...not a big profit for me, it was just for fun....Just to check what's going on....

Some more interesting reading for tennis lovers can be found on Scott Ferguson's blog....

I am NOT saying Wolmarans match was's just another story....

At last...advice for some of you. Be VERY careful these days...if you know what I mean ;) I am sure you know....right ?

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