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Thursday, December 10

As you see from my screenshot it was another day with happy ending. One of my first trades today went wrong and I started with loss. I was RED after 2 races . Trading was more successful after that and again small stakes gave me some profit.

I had also a nice profit from NBA as you can see. Tomorrow will be no trading for me I afraid as I have a real full time job beside my trading.

Wish you all good luck and feel free to post a comment.

Hi all,

Its my first day after creating this blog.

Trading NBA, horses and soccer game today. Small stakes as I lost confidence after yesterdays loss.
Not much to say about yesterdays trading. It was my fault, indiscipline, one trade went wrong and I let it go InPlay. As usual you can guess what happened.

In my first post I should tell you a word about the great tool I am using.

It's The Geek's free trading software: The Toy !

If you dont know what I am talking about you should give it a try. Its really great for trading and the best is......IT IS FREE for all.

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Trying to make some extra money trading sport markets on Betfair since 2005. Using now The Geek's Toy-The BEST Trading application because it's the best and fastest trading application right now. 14 days FREE TRIAL is available. You should try it. As english is not my mother language please forgive me any spelling and grammar errors;)