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Monday, January 31

Betfair's planned site maintenance and upgrade work today is over ? No, don't think so. Betfair's website and API is running but still not as it should be, which means alot of "Bet In Progress" errors, very slow or dead (from time to time) API. It's NOT acceptable and can not be called no more betting and trading for me today. Day off from now, too bad as I had a chance to trade all of today's races and tennis matches. I have to work tomorrow which means no trading....Hmm, maybe I should go and have a rest as I am still tired after 2 intensive weeks of  trading australian tennis markets.
Sorry for no updating my blog but it was really busy days, doing my daily job and trading tennis for so many nights ;)

I am happy with my profit from AO 2011 and looking forward to next big tennis events with US hard court season starting in March (Indian Wells, Miami) I hope for same or better results than last year.....

Keep it green and do NOT let Betfair's dead API blow your bank.......;)
Friday, January 21

Watching Wozniacki-Cibulkova right now and what I see ? Gus Hansen, professional poker player from Denmark enjoying (?) Wozniacki or Cibulkova ? :) Wish I knew where his money is this time. Could it be time for ALL IN ?

Another match, Djokovic-Troicki ended with retirement for Troicki after he lost first set 6-2. Not a very big surprise there. Troicki has already withdrawn from doubles due to an injury. Manasieva so far a very big disappointment, lost 1st set 6-1 and now 4-2 to Sevastova. I am done, recovered from a bad move and now all green. Not a big profit but enough at this point...

As you see from my previous post I said 2.4+ on Manasieva was a good value LOL It's why I love trading, still chance to save your money after wrong decision....

On the image you see graph for this way traffic so far.

Thursday, January 20
Alicia Molik
I missed almost all of 1st round matches in Melbourne. Was back to trading last 2 nights and must say I missed some of great opportunities. Maybe not really missed, what I mean I decided go all green too early. As many times was said, any green is good and we shouldn't be greedy, right ?

First of games was Petrova-Molik. Petrova started slowly and I started to lay Nadia.....riding the wave ;) Pre-match odds for Nadia around 1.25 - 1.30.....Early break and Molik 2-0...Petrovas price looking nice....hmm....another bet, this time backing Petrova hoping that she can NOT play much worse ;) Expecting Molik to start making some errors...a bit nervous now. So happy when Nadia playing better and making less errors. Finally 1st set to Petrova 6-4. Second set was easy walk for Nadia, final result 6-4, 6-1.

Was it right to hedge or not ? I think yes, I feel much better when looking at green numbers with no liability. So much still can happen to a tennis player, injuries know what I mean.

Another one, very lucky move for me was Nabandian-Berankis. I was very surprised Nabandian defeated Hewitt in 5th set. Wouldn't be so surprised if it was done in 3 or 4 sets, but 5th set ?!!! I am always unsure about Nalbandians status. This time against Berankis it was a very important factor. No bet before the start. Want to see a few games before I put my money on one of the players. Nalbandian not looking very good ;) It's an understatement. Looks like he just gone of court after match against Hewitt LOL

First set easy and very fast to Berankis, 6-1. My money was on Rickardas when starting 2nd set, Berankis odds still looking very nice 3-0....but I am happy and don't want more liability on Nalby...just watching and ready to react if/when Nalbadian start playing better. Nope, there was not a sign of it, to be honest I expected it will be over before 2nd set....retirement or not ? Not yet, he lost 6-0, talking to a trainer, pills ? no, nothing could save David this night, it was all over. Retirement with 6-1, 6-0, 2-0 to Berankis on the scoreboard.....

It was one of great opportunities which happens sometimes when trading tennis....Good result for me but sad story for Nalbandian after his great match against Hewitt.

I was waiting for Del Potro - Baghdatis but missed it, was too tired after trading for more than 8 hours. Maybe was lucky and it saved me from a loss, expected Del Potro to win ;)

Total traded 15 tennis markets last night, more to come after midnight. I did a screenshot from my trading software, A Geeks Toy. You can see all available In-Play tennis odds for tonight.
I am not placing bets before the start but right now I feel for Manasieva against Sevastova. First match on court 3, not sure about stream but Manasieva @2.4+ is worth a bet if you ask me

Good luck to all of you tennis lovers and other traders ;)
Friday, January 14
I have no idea what was in Gulbis mind last night when he played Gilles Simon. Gulbis broke Simon's opening service game, he was playing very solid tennis and odds suggested he was favorite to win the match. We have to remember it's tennis and anything can happen. Gulbis was broken to LOVE when serving at 5-4, we got a tiebreak and Simon won 7-1.

Second set was kind of a joke from Gulbis, one of the fastest sets I have been watching for a very long time. Simon dropped 3 points total in 2nd set ! LOL
Gulbis lost 6-0, you see some stats and graph for this match. Simon converted all of his break points in this match, 4/4 is not bad at all even if it's against a player who doesn't look interested to win a match :)

I was happy with trading this time as I decided green up when I got a chance after 15-20 mins played...

By the way, I should also say Gulbis is one of players I am very careful when backing for many reasons. Very talented player but there is something missing at some times if you know what I mean ;)

So my advice is: look at screenshot and go for a hedge when you have a chance with players you don't trust.

Good luck !
Thursday, January 6
A new version of A Geek's Toy is available today. Some minor bug fixes and some enhancements. One of them is tick offset with greening. It was one of features I requested for a very long time and now I am happy !

Click on the "Tick Part Hedged" text will cycle through the available options.

Thanx The Geek !
It's one of the tools I am using very often when trading/scalping fast moving markets. Now it's only one mouse click and we may be green all over...:)

Wish all of you Happy New Trading Year as it's my first post this year ;)

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