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Friday, June 24
IBM is providing Grand Slam tournaments with live scoring. I was so far very happy with IBM's SlamTracker. First day I started trading Wimbledon matches I was looking after SlamTracker but it wasn't there !!! What happened, am I blind or what's going on ? I found something called PointStream, it useful for me as a trader ? All I need is fast scoreboard when trading games played on courts without live coverage. Yes, PointStream is nice...showing some stats in a nice way but still I want to see all matches played at the moment. Well, the only way is web page showing all games currently in play.
Today it looks like this:

And here is my trading desktop how it used to be with old SlamTracker and trading 4 tennis games at the same time using The Toy.

It makes a BIG difference to me, really...and I found other traders also don't like new PointStream as a replacement. I send a feedback to IBM just to let them know. I am sure they don't care but anyway. If you are like me, please let them know :)

Here is a link to contact IBM......

Here is an answer from IBM to my feedback....

Thanks for your feedback it's very helpful to know what people want on the Web site.

This year we responded to much previous  feedback that Slamtracker had become bloated and for many people a simple, fast delivery of live scores was all that they needed. We were also conscious of the continuing explosion of mobile devices, and wanted to better cater for these,  the majority of which do not support flash which Slamtracker was written in.     Finally, our statistics show that the use of Slamtracker has been reducing from Slam to Slam over the past few years and people are increasingly migrating to the Matches in Progress page.

For 2011 we have created a simple light scoreboard that goes back to basics and  as quick as Slamtracker was.  As a complimentary tool,  PointStream provides a deeper, more analytical  view of  the data, combining historical analysis and  real time statistics. This device is a little slower to update, but  contains a lot of information, including "keys to the match" derived from the predictive analysis of 39 million points across 5 years of slams. This is generating very positive feedback  here in the grounds,  on twitter and through contact forms.. . .

We do understand  and have noted your desire to see the return of an all courts display with  integrated stats. Along with any other feedback we receive, we will  consider this  as we define the development road map.

Thank you again  for taking the time to send us your views

Simple scoreboard they talking about must be this one I guess

Yes, very simple scoreboard showing one match only :(

There is something I do NOT understand. They say:

We were also conscious of the continuing explosion of mobile devices, and wanted to better cater for these,  the majority of which do not support flash which Slamtracker was written in.

Did I missed something ? To me it looks like PointStream is build using Flash !!! Eh...whatever, IBM stuff know what they talking about....My new mobile device has no problem at all with Flash LOL

Good luck traders !
Sunday, June 19
Here is another Petkorazzi video.

In this YouTube video you can watch players have fun while it's raining and no practice on grass is possible...

If you watch carefully you see {injured ???} Victoria Azarenka. Looks like she may be ready to play some tennis again after her last retirement a few day's ago, right ?

No trading at all for me today. I just found out there is a new beta version of Bet Angel, this time with training mode available. Looks like at the moment Gruss Betting Assistant is the only one still with no training mode included. I am not a big fan of training mode but it could be a nice and cheap way to test your Excel bot without risking your money. Hmm....I started to build and test my bot using minimum stakes and no surprise I lost money while testing. What could you expect ? LOL

Maybe Bet Angel is the way to go....:)

Good luck all traders !
Friday, June 17
It's about Bethanie Mattek-Sands again. Maybe you know from my earlier posts she has been called Lady Gaga of tennis before. This time at Wimbledon she did it again !:) And as it should be her dress is designed by one of Lady Gaga's designers.

Some people may love it and some may hate it. I think it adds a little of fun into tennis.

She is definitely a very special lady.

I really wish her all the best on courts of Wimbledon next 2 weeks....:)
Me and my smartphone
There were no updates to my blog for some time now but to be honest I don't have so much to say about my trading last weeks.

I was focusing on my horse bot which is not very easy task for someone with limited knowledge about Excel, VBA, macros know what I mean, right ? :) Anyway, I test my bot every day but still using very low stakes. Day's of testing are not over yet. There is a lot of new things for me these days. Another one is VPS. I ordered a VPS, installed Gruss & Excel and now can have my bot running every day with no need to turn my home PC on. I really like it so far, it makes it possible to setup and control my bot every morning using a smartphone. I use an Android phone with Team Viever installed. I am still not confident enough about my strategy and my bot so I really want to control what's going on through the day ;)

I decided to use my second Betfair account for automated trading. This account is for horse trading only :)

My last 7 days of automated trading looks like this....

76 markets traded....average profit £ 4.3 / race .....As you see nothing very impressive....

Maybe you ask....what about tennis trading ? :) well, I really look forward to Wimbledon starting next week. I have my daytime job to think about but there will be some day's off and lots of trading opportunities. To be honest I was getting very tired watching and trading tennis so many hours every day. Focusing on horse racing and tennis trading at the same time wasn't possible so I got some weeks free from tennis.

I hope you didn't missed "our friend" Vicky Azarenka and her retirement....I know it's getting boring posting about Azarenka and her retirements.

Remember her last match before Roland Garros ? It was retirement against Sharapova in second set. Last match now before Wimbledon and yet again another injury/retirement against maybe we should put some money on Azarenka to retire in her last tournament before US Open later this year ? :)

Am I a very bad guy when talking about it this way...?

Look what I found after some "googling"

wow...!!! she is a very tough young lady...:)

Do you want to find more about Azarenka and my posts about her ? It's here

And finally an image showing Victoria....we have seen it many times before, I know it !...

Very sad story, Azarenka was one of my favorite players to watch but NOT anymore.

Enough about it...wish you good luck with your trading and try to keep it green as grass on Wimbledon courts :)
Friday, June 3
I believe most of you already know about some of the rumours about The Geek's Toy {AGT}. Last week has been full of all kinds of rumours. Don't ask me what is true, what is false...we have to wait and see when all the secrets will be revealed by The Geek.

Sports Punter just made this post on his blog. Have a look and you are welcome to make any comments ;)

Some more info { rumours } in this thread on The Geek's Toy Forum.

For now let us enjoy The Toy and make some profits. With so many rumours all of them can NOT be true as image says ;)

Let's just wait and see what's gonna happen with our great TOY in the near future ;)

Post updated with an image, link taken from one of comments made by The Geek...

How does it look in your eyes ?

I hate this image....;)

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