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Monday, March 28
Yes, Petra was nice to me this night ;) I guess you know what I am talking about. In my previous post I expected nice ups and downs in match Pavlyuchenkova-Kvitova. No one should be disappointed now after second set just finished. Pavlyuchenkova was serving to win a match at 5-4 and 6-5 but failed and Kvitova won second set tiebreak.
1.01 not matched in this match yet but I am happy anyway. Nice looking hedge and no need to be involved in this match in the final set.

Still to come is Azarenka-Cibulkova but it will be late night and I should get some sleep now.
Below scoring history from Kvitova's match....

Good luck traders !
Sunday, March 27
Yesterday I said Lopez at 1.84 was looking nice. It was indeed as Chela was broken in the very first game of the match. Final result, Lopez won 7-6, 3-6, 6-4. Another one I was talking about, Stosur-Safarova was a one way traffic in first set 6-0, 7-6. As you see on the image, big amount of money matched at 1.01 before Safarova started to play tennis ;) Or maybe it was Stosur making errors the same way she did last time I saw her against Safina. I have no idea what was going on. With no live pics you can only guess...

Later last night I saw Safarova's boyfriend against Ramirez-Hidalgo. Berdych big favorite at 1.07 before the start. First set 6-1 to Berdych, very easy, 1.01 matched BUT it's almost never so easy in tennis LOL So now Berdych losing second set tiebreak and we have 3rd set...What now ? It was copy of Azarenkas match....if you read my previous post you should know what I mean. 6-0 to Berdych in final set ;) Nice and easy, another one where laying at 1.01 was a great strategy. By the way, is laying sport markets at 1.01 a strategy ? :)

Todays tennis coupon now:

WTA on Eurosport will be Clijsters-Martinez Sanchez I believe. I am not a big fan of backing Clijsters at low odds these days. Kim said she is still not fully recovered from a shoulder injury. Clijsters retired against Bartoli in second set at Indian Wells. Other WTA matches should give us some nice ups and downs. (Azarenka-Cibulkova and Pavlyuchenkova-Kvitova)

Good luck !
Saturday, March 26
Do you enjoy drinking coffee as much as I do ? ;)

Anyway, I am back to make a post. It will be for new users of A Geek's Toy or any other traders interested in how The Toy looks like 'inside' and how to use it. Some users still asking me about Toy so I hope my post here gives you some basic info about this great and FREE trading software. As I said many times before, let me use for free any other trading applications (Bet Angel, Bfexplorer, Evolution, FairBot etc...) and my choice will still be Geek's Toy. I am also user of Gruss Betting Assistant which you can see if you read my profile.

Ok, picture says more than 1000 words so I am going to post 2 of introduction videos which you may find on YouTube, videos are taken from GeeksToy YouTube channel. There are more movies available so I advice you have a look....;)

Here is number 1:

And here is number 2:

So, how about my trading ? Well, this week was very quiet and not much of trading for me. After Cheltenham I didn't trade horses at all. Maybe will do it today but not sure as I believe there will be tennis live on TV (!!!) today and if I have to make a choice I am going to trade tennis, for sure ;)

I traded a few tennis markets yesterday and the one I still have in my head is Azarenka-Hradecka. I made an OK profit but after one nights sleep I don't feel happy with my trade. I know I should stop thinking about it but I can NOT ! Why ? why ? Is it a sign of me getting too greedy ? I mean, Azarenka was traded below 1.10 in second set, I was green on both players and waiting for GSM. Azarenka was broken when serving at 3-3 and 30-0 in second set. Hradecka won 2nd set 6-4 and Azarenkas price about 1.8 - 2.0 What to do now ? With no live stream available I did NOTHING. We still have to remember Azarenkas retirements, last one was in her match against Wozniacki last week. With Azarenkas price so high I believe market is scared, is there an injury time-out or not ? So from now I only look at scoreboard during final 3rd set....1-0 Azarenka...2-0, 3-0, 4-0, 5-0, 6-0 GSM....No retirement but 6-0 to Azarenka LOL What a match.....another classic WTA game.

Below today's tennis coupon..

I don't have any 'picks' yet, I am going to trade what i see. Lopez 1.84 against Chela looks interesting but I afraid no live stream as they will play on court 3. I like Stosur - Safarova, Head2Head is 3-0 Safarova so why not try to lay Sam at low odds if possible ?

Wish you good luck !
Monday, March 14
Aravane Rezai
I have already traded 3 tennis matches today. Soderling defeated by Kohlschreiber, 7-6, 6-4. A Radwanska winner against Kirilenko and Robredo winner against Donald Young. At the moment 3 matches InPlay and you can see my trading desktop on image below. I am happy with my green numbers so I am going to have a coffee break (no alcohol while trading ! LOL) and just enjoy watching tennis. Sharapova is on Eurosport and Del Potro match on Sky.
Still some very interesting matches to come later tonight, Simon-Karlovic, Devvarman-Malisse, Verdasco-Querrey and Stosur-Safina.
Wish you good luck if you get involved in tennis trading !
Ryan Harrison
Before I started trading yesterday I asked myself a question, how many times will Betfair API and servers go down. There was no answer to that question, of course. I could only place my bets and hope I will be OK :) Another option was, STAY AWAY from Betfair. I couldn't just sit at home, watch some great tennis and stay away from markets, so I started trading using smaller stakes and going for hedge as soon there was a profit to take. Lucky enough, I had no problems with placing bets at all, Betfair was stable and response times were Ok on my side too.

My biggest profit came from a very young tennis player, Ryan Harrison after he defeated Garcia Lopez. Another one I really enjoyed was, Fish-Raonic. Milos Raonic is now one of my favorite tennis players after Australian Open. He defeated Mardy Fish in 2 sets and I was very confident when trading this match from the start. Milos asked for a trainer during this match and there was an injury time out, so it could be something to have in mind before his next match. By the way, Raonic will meet Ryan Harrison in next round. :) You can see all tennis markets I traded yesterday on screenshot below.

Some very interesting matches tonight. Still only 2 WTA games with live coverage on Eurosport, what a difference to ATP :( Would be alot better with Eurosport not involved at all in tennis I believe. Anyway, later today we can watch:
Wozniacki - Martinez Sanchez and Rezai - Sharapova, the second one looks more interesting if you ask me. Have not seen Rezai playing for a long time so not sure what to expect from her, anyway there should be some breaks of serve and nice swings in this match, let's hope.

Available tennis markets below.
Saturday, March 12
Just to show you how my trading desktop looks like at the moment :)

What more to say ? Betfair testing/upgrading or maybe just don't want to take any risks before Cheltenham and they decided to keep servers down until it's time for horse racing next week ....? What is your guess ? Or maybe other ideas what's going on ?

And below another API error, never seen something like this LOL
I forgot another option......could it be Betfair's servers are moving to Gibraltar ? ;)

Betfair is to move to operate under a Gibraltar licence as part of changes that will allow it to avoid the UK's 15% tax on gross betting profits.

The shift away from operating under a UK gaming licence is expected to save the online betting exchange £18.5m a year in tax.
Friday, March 11
Barbora Zahlavova Strycova
Don't ask me how I did it ;) Started trading this match just after Kvitova was broken in 3rd set. What happened after that is just same strategy I used yesterday trading Ula Radwanska-Jovanovski. Just going against(?) market. I mean laying server at low odds and I was rewarded again. I can not remember I made profit like this trading about 15-20 mins. Another classic WTA match between players struggling when serving LOL
Odds moving like crazy, BIG up&downs, you gotta love it....I guess Barbora will be player of the week for me. Just can not imagine I will make result like this tomorrow or on Sunday with so limited trading opportunities this weekend. I must admit I was very lucky trading and using this strategy but as I said before, you don't really have to take big risks when laying at low odds. You just have to pick 'right' match and enjoy the ride.

Have a look at stats for this match. 29 played games and 15 breaks of serve...nice :)

Ohh, I have to stop talking to myself and just go to bed now. Must be up early tomorrow so no more trading, no more blogging, all I need right now is get some sleep ;)

Wish all of you good luck ! Have fun and don't be afraid of going against market at some times...It's WTA ! LOL
Thursday, March 10
Urszula Radwanska
If you had a chance to read my previous post and traded Urszula Radwanska - Bojana Jovanovski you could not be disappointed, right ? :) What a match it was ! Exactly as I expected with one difference, this time Radwanska lost first set but was the winner of tiebreak in 3rd set. Radwanska was serving to win a match at 5-4 and had 40-0 but Bojana was back in the match. She was broken again when serving at 5-5, Radwanska serving to win match again and broken back one more time LOL....

Watching an empty ladder at some points in the game made me scared and frustrated, really. Have a look at screenshot of Jovanovski's ladder taken in 2nd set.....Where is the money ? I have a feeling something strange happened to tennis markets, there are some traders playing with their tools. Looks like they just discovered how 'Fill Or Kill' tool works ? :)

Courtsiders are cleaning those markets which is now even more obvious when live stream is not available. That makes me feel great when making profits like today. Almost 3 hours watching scoreboard and trading this match. This time I did it during final third set...and could not resist place some of my green during final tiebreak ! I never do it...and maybe it was last time I did it LOL

Yesterday was a great result trading Ondraskova but today was even better ! I couldn't expect such result...I guess there will be no more trading for me today as I have to get some sleep and be ready to do my daily duties tomorrow ;)

So here is my final screenshot from Radwanska-Jovanovski...

Classic WTA match it was and once again it shows how dangerous it is backing low odds favorite, even when they are serving to win a match :)
It's all I could say about Wednesday and probably today...I am trading horses and tennis only these days. No soccer, no dogs...Trying to find some working strategies for trading horses. Looking at my P&L feels ok but I still don't feel very confident while trading horses. I really don't know how to say what I mean....I guess my knowledge about horses and racing is too limited and I will never have same feeling for a horse as I have for a tennis player.
In tennis I can pick a winner but I NEVER could pick a winner looking at todays card for horse racing...LOL

ohh, anyway, On the left you see todays tennis coupon with all games available. What is very strange is that Urszula Radwanska will play Bojana Jovanovski again !!! They already played 2 times last 2 weeks. Jovanovski leads H2H 2-0 but both matches decided in 3rd set...Jovanovski won 3rd set tiebreak 11-9 in their first meeting two weeks it could not be much closer ;) Second meeting Radwanska won 1st set 6-1 and had a BIG lead in 2nd set just to lose it 7-5 and 6-4 in 3rd set, another close match. In other words I have a strong feeling it could be another roller coaster match......

Some serious tennis trading I said in my previous post, but tbh serious trading will start when we got live pictures from Indian Wells courts. I will have to work this weekend which means my trading will be limited to some of early games...there will be no night trading sessions for me this weekend...too bad ! :(

At last...I know there are some "very successful" tennis traders making +£1000/game and offering their services, it could be e-books, subscriptions, Skype sessions etc.....I never recommended anything like this, I would say stay away from this, just ask yourself a question.....would you waste your time on such crap when you every day make such profits ? £500-£1500 / tennis match ?

I recommend, start watching live tennis, watch market moving, start to learn about some players, look at stats, be careful backing low odds favs. There are great forums and traders ready to give you some free advices so you really don't have to give your money away to those "successful traders".

I hope you know what I am trying to say ;)

I forgot to tell you about 2 other tennis matches last night where I had a very nice looking level green....unfortunately both ended with retirement before the 1st set was completed so all bets voided there.
It was:
Errani-Arn, Arn retired in 1st set tiebreak,
Mirza-Oprandi, Oprandi retired at 2-1 to Mirza....too bad and it's always a big danger when trading tennis. First day, first round and already 2 retirements ...
Wednesday, March 9
I must say I really like this time of the year from a tennis traders point of view. It's time for some big tennis events, like Indian Wells this week ( ATP & WTA), Miami right after Indian Wells, ATP Masters in Monte-Carlo and Barcelona on clay in April....
Anyway, I am very disappointed with lack of live streams from Indian Wells these days. I believe there will be no live pics until Friday, too bad... I mean, we could watch first rounds from Dubai, Doha why not from such a BIG event as Indian Wells ?

I said many times I almost always trade watching live pics and am very careful when trading with only scoreboard to my help....So what to do now ? LOL

I could not resist when I found some great opportunities and was very was really great start today for me. I could not believe market made Lauren Davis (17 year old wild card  player) slight favorite against Ondraskova today. I was rewarded after only a few games.....I believe it is my best result ever made without live guess if I am happy ;)
Something to keep in mind is could be an issue when trading games like this one, you should be very careful if using big stakes.

Still lot of tennis markets in play this evening/night...why not have a look and start making money ? Or why not just watch markets moving while watching scoreboard ? It's a great lesson if you want to start trading tennis.

Here is my lucky shoot....

And here some of markets still available.....

wish you good luck and keep it green....

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