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Sunday, August 21
After moving most of manual trading to BetdaQ this summer I really missed The Toy :( 

We need your TOY on BetdaQ, Mr The Geek ! :)
As already said before I have currently 2 Betfair accounts. One of them is stil very active and is used for horse racing using my trading bot. Another one is dedicated to manual trading but wasn't very active last weeks. Trading bank for this account is at this moment about £300. I am happy with my trading on BetdaQ markets so far but not very happy with trading tools available there so I decided to give Betfair & TheToy another chance this weekend LOL

To be more serious, I decided to check and compare, one more time, how markets are moving and liquidity on these markets on both exchanges. I am an In-play trader and liquidity is very important for me. I found it may be an issue (talking about BetdaQ) while there are plenty of matches played at the same time. With US Open starting in about 1 week it will be very interesting to watch BetdaQ markets. I found The Toy is just perfect tool when trading multiple tennis markets and it's just another reason I may be back to Betfair when US Open tennis is on..........

So if you want to check and compare Betfair/BetdaQ please have a look at my screenshots from Friday and Saturday nights.

And finally last screenshot to show you how busy my Betfair account was during this month LOL

Good luck all traders and followers.....:)

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