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Tuesday, November 30

Time for you to guess, which team is the winner of this NFL match ? ;)

Ok, and now real scores...San Francisco 49ers won the match 27-6 and I loved it all the way from the start !

It started with 47 yard missed field goal for 49ers which made their odds moving up and I couldn't resist and put more money on SF @ price I really liked. So now I am on SF and Cardinals starting drive from own 35 yard line. And what a great start LOL....

Arizona's QB fumbles on very first play ! You gotta love this sport when such things happens and you are lucky enough to be on the right team :)

49ers now driving from Cardinals 38 yard line and this time only one pass is needed for a touchdown, 38 yard pass makes 6-0 and this time 49ers kicker could make an extra point making it 7-0. I did my safety hedge and take a cup of more stress from this point in the match. I made it all green and start playing with some of my green trying to increase size of my profit ;)

My screen 6 min's after start of trading ...

Today will be no trading for me...wish you good luck and nice profits !
Monday, November 29
ATP 2010 tennis season is definitely over. Last Sunday Roger Federer won the ATP World Tour Final against Rafael Nadal.

6-3, 3-6, 6-1 to Federer and now we only have Davis Cup final next weekend to look forward.
Serbia-France in Belgrade with some great players: Djokovic, Tipsarevic, Monfils, Simon. I am sure these games will be very "trading friendly", remember it's 5 set matches in Davis Cup.

So what to do now while waiting for next years tennis season ?

I love Sundays with televised NFL games, Monday Night NFL is also one of my favorites when I have an opportunity to do some trading.(I still have my full time job beside my trading).

Days like today are's very cold outside, windy and snowing. So today I decided to do some pre-race horse trading. With only one meeting @Wolverhampton I traded 7 races and managed to make some profit.
Horse racing is something I do when there is no other trading objects available....wish I could make nice and steady profits from this, with races every day it gives you so many opportunities !

I am always learning and most of the time, learning by myself. No famous courses, no famous e-books etc...I don't believe in "Very succesful traders selling secrets for £ 9.90/month"  LOL ;)

I know some very helpfull guys ready to share their thoughts and ready to help me for free....and I like it. If possible I am ready to help other traders too...You may ask, why am I writing about this now ? Well, it's because I receive some "great" offers from time to time but would like to say...Thanx but No thanx...;)

So, just to show you what I did this Monday I will post a screenshot.....but do NOT expect me posting my P&L's every day....I do it today just because it's THE DAY AFTER......already miss ATP and WTA...:(

Thursday, November 18
The Geek's forum is a very busy place these days. Why ?

It's about Geeks Toy - Children in Need Charity Fundraiser.
From 12th November until 21st November, Geeks Toy is running a charity fund raiser for BBC Children in Need.

It's NOT too late so come to the forum and join other traders ;)

Here some of the auctions you may find available.

Charity Auction - €720 BFExplorer Subscriptions

Probably the Best Betfair Trading Software in the world and still free !!!

14th November 2010 The Geek made an announcement...the toy will remain free for at least 2011, and the current donation model will remain in place.
More about it can be found here:

Geeks Toy to remain free for 2011

More great news from The Toy's HQ.

Latest version of this GREAT, FAST, STABLE and FREE trading application includes now some amazing charting options. I decided to post some screenshots here but you should check this thread from The Geek's forum..

Geeks Toy - Now with ass kicking charting!

Saturday, November 13
Just finished trading Paris Masters semifinal, Soderling-Llodra. It was great match from a traders point of view.

I decided to lay Soderling from the start and hoping for a very tight match with one or more tiebreaks. You don't expect many break points in a match like this with these players, so no surprise first set went to tiebreak, Llodra wins 1st set tiebreak 7-0 (!!! ) :) Robin comes back in a second, still very tight, set. Both players got 2 breakpoints in this set, but only Soderling made it, after 7-5 to Robin it was still very open match and as I said many times I don't like trading 3rd set.....

This time I did some trades as I could not stay away from what I thought was a great opportunity. I post here a screen shot for this match so maybe you could understand what I mean ;)

Now it's time for Federer-Monfils and it should be great tennis show. Monfils is almost always acting like an entertainer. I recommend you watch this one if you have a chance.
I am not sure about trading but for sure i will NOT back Federer at very low odds.
I know Roger is in great form these days....let's hope we can find some value during this match.

Monfils is a very dangerous player for anyone !

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