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Monday, May 2
Could it be Stefan at his HQ ? ;)
I have been lazy last few days, had some quality time with my family. Not much to say about trading.
This weekend I got an email from Stefan @Bfexplorer HQ. Here is what he had to say in his email...

Dear bfexplorer user

I have just released for pre-release testing Bfexplorer PRO 2 offering more than 36 new features. If you want to test this new version, please use this link to install Bfexplorer PRO 2:
here follows download link...

So I was curious about new features and asked about trial ( used 5 days trial already long ago), asked if I could get a new trial....the answer was...


I did not notice anything from you on bfexplorer forum, so why should I give you more trial?

Best regards


Sent him another mail:


Ok, maybe you're right ?

I had nothing to say on bfexplorer forum so far as I never used this soft for trading. I am Toy user looking for some automated solutions.

Why would you care and try to get some new subscribers.....?


and his answer was:


Exactly, why would I care? If those who are really interested either subscribe or contribute another way. I gave extended trial only for users who contributed some way on bfexplorer forum, giving something to bfexplorer community.

I have removed your email from my mailing list.

Best regards


End of conversation here...maybe I am too stupid, maybe I should NOT expect any more trials ?
Anyway, it was NEVER a problem with people at WellDoneSoft (authors of MarketFeeder Pro). I asked for a new trial and I got it when I wanted to test latest version of their software. Very friendly and service minded people there, WellDoneSoft....

As I never subscribed to Bfexplorer and never used their software for trading I find it hard to contribute and give "something" to their community.

To be honest I don't care about trial, there would be no issues at all if he only could respond in a friendly way. What I hate is ignorance and no respect. I am used that people in this part of Europe {Sweden} running their own business are more friendly...but who knows where Stefan lives ? It's for sure another part of this crazy world and now I know what to expect from him. I have to add I have some great friends coming from Slovakia, so it's not a problem, it must be something special about this guy named Stefan Belo or...hmm..should I maybe say Belopotocan ?

I believe I expected too much from those people, it's one more reason to stay with The Geek's Toy and Gruss Betting Assistant, their service is GREAT !!!

This post is just to let you know what to expect from Bfexplorer customer and potential customers service ;)

Ohh...wait ... another email from Stefan Belo....I let him know I am going to post our conversation on my blog and his response is here:

I am really happy you will do so, mainly because of two things:

1) I receive quite a lot of emails similar to your one, and from my experiences it is just wasting of my time to reply on 99% of them. So you will help me to get rid of such betfair users.

2) Those who knows what they are doing at betfair, or what they want to do mostly end up on my web site, mainly when they want to build custom software or automate their trading.

Please do publish such article so I can reference it on my web site as well.

My last comment will be...

Stefan, thanks for your answer. I will stay away from you and your software...

I am too busy now, still trying to find out what and how to do it at Betfair....LOL

This guy is amazing, see here: Those who knows what they are doing at betfair, or what they want to do mostly end up on my web site

Personally I believe image above says a lot and is more true than his statement in RED....I may be wrong....LOL

Now I only hope you {Stefan} will keep your promise about reference from your web site to my post....

I feel the need to update with one more image...

I know this wasn't a promise but anyway, how about this part of your post ?

share one of my trading application (BXTrader) as the open source.

and....The Geek asked a question, Also what day will you be open sourcing it?

I missed your answer...The one I found is:

BXTrader is a betfair trading software for manual trading only and you can use it for free if you are PRO subscriber.

The story continues here...


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