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Tuesday, December 14
Last night I watched and traded another NFL game, Baltimore Ravens @Houston Texans.

This time I was happy with my hedged profit at half time (21-7 Ravens lead)  and was going to bed.

Ravens scored another touchdown in 3rd Quarter and 28-7 on the scoreboard. Baltimore traded @1.02. Somehow, I could not sleep and keep watching this game...On the scoreboard before last 4th Quarter 28-13. I have no idea what both teams did at half time but it was two different teams from now. Texans offense was on  fire and Ravens defence got problems, big problems. Texans made touchdown after an amazing 99-yard (!!!) drive, the longest drive in team history. Another touchdown with 21 seconds to play and 28-26 on the scoreboard which means it wasn't enough with an extra point, Houstons needed 2 points and guess what ! They did it, 2-points conversion was good !!! 28-28 and we got overtime....

NFL and overtime is more gambling than trading, Baltimore wins the game after Matt Schaub's pass was intercepted and returned for 12 yard touchdown. Game is over and some traders very happy, other are very poor and sad I guess....

At some time in 3rd Quarter there was +500000£ to back Baltimore @1.02 and waiting for layers LOL

Here is screenshot.....

Saturday, December 11
Davis Cup final was the end of my tennis trading season. Serbia to win wasn't a surprise at all but I must admit I was surprised after all 4 singles finished after 3 played sets. I expected 4 or 5 set games so no big profits there.

It means my trading life must go on without tennis markets. My Betfair bank is now reduced and I am trading NBA. NFL, horses, dogs and...handball LOL

Oh well, handball was just one bet for fun when Sweden played Netherlands @European Championships. I could not resist to put some money on swedish ladies ;)

Just to show you what I did today I decided to post a, last 24 hours I traded 5 sports with some profit total but my horse trading today was a disaster. I made some very stupid decisions when trading horses. Such result makes I don't feel very happy at the end of the day. Greyhounds saved my day today....I am not sure what to do now after such bad day on horse markets, maybe need a rest and try again next week...

I am going to do some trading tonight, Lakers@Chicago Bulls, odds right now 1.8 - 2.2. Maybe Orlando@Utah if I manage to find a stream for this one.

It's all from me for now, wish you good luck !
Tuesday, November 30

Time for you to guess, which team is the winner of this NFL match ? ;)

Ok, and now real scores...San Francisco 49ers won the match 27-6 and I loved it all the way from the start !

It started with 47 yard missed field goal for 49ers which made their odds moving up and I couldn't resist and put more money on SF @ price I really liked. So now I am on SF and Cardinals starting drive from own 35 yard line. And what a great start LOL....

Arizona's QB fumbles on very first play ! You gotta love this sport when such things happens and you are lucky enough to be on the right team :)

49ers now driving from Cardinals 38 yard line and this time only one pass is needed for a touchdown, 38 yard pass makes 6-0 and this time 49ers kicker could make an extra point making it 7-0. I did my safety hedge and take a cup of more stress from this point in the match. I made it all green and start playing with some of my green trying to increase size of my profit ;)

My screen 6 min's after start of trading ...

Today will be no trading for me...wish you good luck and nice profits !
Monday, November 29
ATP 2010 tennis season is definitely over. Last Sunday Roger Federer won the ATP World Tour Final against Rafael Nadal.

6-3, 3-6, 6-1 to Federer and now we only have Davis Cup final next weekend to look forward.
Serbia-France in Belgrade with some great players: Djokovic, Tipsarevic, Monfils, Simon. I am sure these games will be very "trading friendly", remember it's 5 set matches in Davis Cup.

So what to do now while waiting for next years tennis season ?

I love Sundays with televised NFL games, Monday Night NFL is also one of my favorites when I have an opportunity to do some trading.(I still have my full time job beside my trading).

Days like today are's very cold outside, windy and snowing. So today I decided to do some pre-race horse trading. With only one meeting @Wolverhampton I traded 7 races and managed to make some profit.
Horse racing is something I do when there is no other trading objects available....wish I could make nice and steady profits from this, with races every day it gives you so many opportunities !

I am always learning and most of the time, learning by myself. No famous courses, no famous e-books etc...I don't believe in "Very succesful traders selling secrets for £ 9.90/month"  LOL ;)

I know some very helpfull guys ready to share their thoughts and ready to help me for free....and I like it. If possible I am ready to help other traders too...You may ask, why am I writing about this now ? Well, it's because I receive some "great" offers from time to time but would like to say...Thanx but No thanx...;)

So, just to show you what I did this Monday I will post a screenshot.....but do NOT expect me posting my P&L's every day....I do it today just because it's THE DAY AFTER......already miss ATP and WTA...:(

Thursday, November 18
The Geek's forum is a very busy place these days. Why ?

It's about Geeks Toy - Children in Need Charity Fundraiser.
From 12th November until 21st November, Geeks Toy is running a charity fund raiser for BBC Children in Need.

It's NOT too late so come to the forum and join other traders ;)

Here some of the auctions you may find available.

Charity Auction - €720 BFExplorer Subscriptions

Probably the Best Betfair Trading Software in the world and still free !!!

14th November 2010 The Geek made an announcement...the toy will remain free for at least 2011, and the current donation model will remain in place.
More about it can be found here:

Geeks Toy to remain free for 2011

More great news from The Toy's HQ.

Latest version of this GREAT, FAST, STABLE and FREE trading application includes now some amazing charting options. I decided to post some screenshots here but you should check this thread from The Geek's forum..

Geeks Toy - Now with ass kicking charting!

Saturday, November 13
Just finished trading Paris Masters semifinal, Soderling-Llodra. It was great match from a traders point of view.

I decided to lay Soderling from the start and hoping for a very tight match with one or more tiebreaks. You don't expect many break points in a match like this with these players, so no surprise first set went to tiebreak, Llodra wins 1st set tiebreak 7-0 (!!! ) :) Robin comes back in a second, still very tight, set. Both players got 2 breakpoints in this set, but only Soderling made it, after 7-5 to Robin it was still very open match and as I said many times I don't like trading 3rd set.....

This time I did some trades as I could not stay away from what I thought was a great opportunity. I post here a screen shot for this match so maybe you could understand what I mean ;)

Now it's time for Federer-Monfils and it should be great tennis show. Monfils is almost always acting like an entertainer. I recommend you watch this one if you have a chance.
I am not sure about trading but for sure i will NOT back Federer at very low odds.
I know Roger is in great form these days....let's hope we can find some value during this match.

Monfils is a very dangerous player for anyone !
Tuesday, October 26

I have no idea how many of you guys are using something like this. My screenshot is showing my desktop last night. I traded NFL and watching it live on ESPN HD.

Maybe my post could inspire some of you, maybe not. Anyway, it's about having access to your digital box at home using web interface. This way you could be anywhere in the world and still watch anything available from your satellite receiver at I am using my Vu+ Duo box.

Vu+ Duo box is just another Linux based satellite receiver like, maybe more known Dreambox. Using it I have access to most of European TV channels available from 1W to 28E.....

Of course you should pay for your subscriptions !

 And great news for iPhone owners, you can watch all these TV stations on your iPhone just by login to your box placed at your home........
Tuesday, October 19
It's time for Monday Night Football ! :)

Tennessee took a lead 7-0 in 1st Qtr and another 10-0 in 2nd Qtr, makes 17-0 at half time. Titans lost their QB Vince Young (knee injury) but still leading and probably going to win this game. I traded from start to the end of 2nd Qtr and now going to bed as I have to make my duty tomorrow or should I say today ;)

Some screenshots from this game included to this post...

I may be back with more posts anytime ;)
Sunday, October 17
No, it's not about me. It's about Ana Ivanovic, she just won another WTA title after more than 2 years. Let's hope she will be back to her best 2011. This season going to the end with only 2 tournaments to play before WTA Championships in Doha.

So if you want to try betting on tennis you should hurry up :) I am still trading tennis but not as much as I did in the first half of the year for some different reasons. End of season means some tired, not motivated, injured/half injured etc.....players. Trading should be done very carefully.

Look at results from Japan this week. How many of you would pick Tamarine Tanasugarn (33! year old) as finalist and winner of WTA title in Osaka ? ;) Yeah, that's right, she beat japanese player Kimiko Date Krumm (40 !!! year old) in final. You should still know there were other top 10 players in Osaka tournament. Kimiko beat both Shahar Peer and Sam Stosur on her way to the final.

As Kimiko said after she beat Sam Stosur:

"Everyone thought it was impossible, but impossible is nothing. Tennis isn't only speed and power - you play mentally."

These wise words should be something to remember when you put your money on a tennis player.

Next week ATP moves to my hometown, Stockholm. I hope to do some trading and to see some live tennis. Just hoping Roger Federer is still fit and motivated enough to show some great tennis after his final today in Shanghai.

It's next week, today I am waiting for NFL to start later this evening. I am going to trade 2-3 live games.

Wish you good luck as always !
Sunday, August 1

Janko Tipsarevic against Sam Querrey in semifinal last night. Another crazy tennis market. It started for Tipsarevic like on the first image. Both players holding their serve games in 1st set. Tiebreak goes to Tipsarevic and trading so far was quite easy and predictable. I could build my green on both players almost without taking any risks using small stakes.
Second set was same story, players holding serves without any big problems, only 1 break point in this set for Janko and no bp's for Sam. I am green on both when 2nd set tiebreak starts so I could enjoy watching tennis without stress.

Tipsy playing very good and when Querrey's serve not working anymore it looks like Janko is going to take this tiebreak easy when leading 5-1. It wasn't easy !!! Sam Q was back in match and wins tiebreak 7-5, could you believe it ? From 5-1 to 5-7 in tiebreak.....remember this one and expect the unexpected.  I believe Tipsy was traded at 1.02 before losing 2nd set.

What am I doing now ?
Yeah, sure....I am going to break my own rule !!! :( So many times I said what i think about trading final set and still doing same mistake from time to time.

I decided, let's go for another trade, last one when Querrey starting to serve in 3rd set...Backing Sam...0-15, 0-30, 0-40...broken !!! And from very nice green on both I am now looking at RED numbers, what a stupid mistake....

It's almost same story from night before...Querrey broken for the first time in match, Tipsy serving and holding hmm....2-0 Janko....Sam holds next and we got 2-1 when Tipsarevic is serving again....I am still red on both....0-15, 0-30...hmm....lets try backing !! great !!!....I am green on Sam, hedge now ? or not ? .....not....come on !!....15-40......30-40....40-40....Tipsarevic holds !!! One more time I am not happy with myself !!! I got my chance to change red to green but...ehh....

I got strange feeling there will be more break points for Sam before it's I am laying Janko at very low odds when Q serving at 1-3...holds to 2-3, next game was my next chance and this time Janko was broken !!!! I am back in match but still would like if Sam could hold his serve....0-15, 0-30, wtf ???!!! ....
I decided to go for a hedge at this moment more bets please...0-40.....what is going on here in this crazy tennis match ?....suddenly Querrey start serving and playing tennis again, he is back to deuce, holds and leading 4-3 in final set...Janko holds to 4-4 and got 4 break points next time Sam was serving. It was very strong game from Querrey, 15-40 and 4 break points saved at 4-4 in final set.

I guess Janko was frustrated and not happy with himself when going to serve @4-5...Sam Q missed match point at 30-40 but another double fault and 2nd match point to Querrey, this time it was may guess what happened to Jankos racquet.....LOL...below is picture Tipsy posted after the match ;)

And final stats from this crazy tennis match.....

I hope this post may help some new tennis traders and let's hope I will remember my own trading rules next time LOL

Wish you good luck...and remember....

Expect the unexpected when watching/trading tennis markets !
Friday, July 30

On the image you see Ernests Gulbis of Latvia. For some reasons he is not one of my favorite players to trade but anyway, I was involved in his match last night. He played Alejandro Falla.

Let's start from the beginning, I had an "OK profit" so far for the day and my plan was to trade Gulbis before I go to sleep. So far so the way...believe it or not, I had an unbelievable run of tennis markets without "red" this week. Counting from Monday I traded 56 markets without any losses. I believe it must be my best run so far. Some markets with profits like £2-5 and some bigger profits but anyway, green is green and we all love to keep "red" away.....

Back to Gulbis, started very good for me laying him and could hedge for a nice profit before 1st set was over. No problem what so ever but.....something stupid happened, maybe I was tired, maybe too much confidence, I backed Gulbis one more time in 2nd set....and you may guess what happened....yeah, for sure !!! Gulbis lost 2nd set and I had to try recover from this stupid mistake. I found I was not reacting to market fast enough and today I could say there was too much of gambling from my side. I hate trading tiebreaks, I dont like trading during final set but in this market everything happened....I traded tiebreak in 3rd and final set !!! How stupid it was....I was trying to minimize my loss, Gulbis lost his match = I lost £110....and believe me, right after GSM I was happy with £110 loss :)

I still had profit for the day and should go to bed, forget about Gulbis and let it be...but....what is comming next ? It's Becker-Blake and I could not resist, let's go and do some trading !!! This could be funny I think......yeah, it was at the end but started with a disaster. Blake was broken in first set and Becker serving for the set at 5-4...I am green on Becker with no chance to hedge for all green so let's go.....Becker serving 0-15......0-30....0-40.....broken !!!...Hmm.....what to do ?....It's  5-5 with Blake to serve....ffs...I am going all red !!! Blake holds easy.....Becker serving at 5-6........0-15.......0-30.......0-40........broken !!! Set to Blake....7-5

You know what ? Am I the only one with feeling that some of tennis matches smells ? What to do now ? Going BIG red on Becker....trying to change my all red to green on Blake....No breaks of serve in 2nd set, after some trades, laying Blake at low odds and backing higher I was green on Blake but still could not hedge for all green. My chance was tiebreak and finally I could go all green before GSM, had Gulbis still in my head I could not wait for 3rd set....Anyway Blake takes the tiebreak and GSM !! Thanx...uff...what a crazy night ! I still have alot to learn LOL

Thursday, July 29

It was 4th of July Janko married girlfriend Biljana Sesevic in Belgrade, later this month it was Stepanek and Vaidisova.

Janko Tipsarevic is a really funny guy and great tennis player when he is playing his best tennis. Last night he played Somdev Devvarman and as almost always with Tipsy on court you had many great trading opportunities. It could be easy if you lucky enough to start with right bet. I was confident from the start laying Janko and was looking at very nice "green numbers", I should hedge and be happy but NO...a few minutes later everything changes, more bets from me...backing, laying, backing, lay-back and so on...LOL

It's why I love tennis, you DO NOT have to be on the right side from the start or after 1st set....the game is not over before it's GSM, you know what I am trying to say...Final score and stats from this match on the image above.

Yes, Janko had it totally under control :)

After Tipsy it was Marcos Baghdatis-Ryan Sweeting....and I must say I was really sweating watching this match. Marcos was playing awful tennis in 1st set be honest I wasn't impressed at all with the quality of this match. Anyway it's not about it, it's about trying to make some money and 3 set match with total 8 breaks of serve gives you some opportunities to trade out of bad possitions. I was done after set nr 2 and it was end of my trading yesterday.

Now I found Marcos and Janko will play in next round...what a game if both are in good mood ;)

Let's hope no more raining in Europe and we can see some more live tennis today, starting with Larsson-Cirstea

Keep it green and panic ! It's not over before GSM :)
Wednesday, July 28
 I am currently trading Dushevina-Sevastova, or should I say was trading :) Players are now in 3rd set and I feel happy with my green at the moment. As I said some times before, I really don't like trading final set if/when I am all green with a nice profit on both players. No need to be greed as we say....I know there could be more great opportunities in the final set of a tennis match, but we need time to have rest and this is the right moment I feel.

Ferrero-Cuevas looks really nice too, 6-4, 3-3 to Cuevas at the moment. I love when market goes crazy like in Cuevas game when he was broken in the second set and we got Ferrero back as favorite...just to see a break back and now Cuevas trading @1.5...:)

Wish you good luck and happy trading !
She is one of my favorite female players on the tour, no question about it. Her name is Kimiko Date Krumm. This woman is almost 40 year old, retired from WTA tour in 1996 (!!!) and made comeback after 12 years. She became my favorite @Roland Garros this year after she won against Dinara Safina in 3 set, she struggled with a calf injury at that time, most people expected retirement during 3rd set but NO NO....great fighters from Japan never retires ;) And Safina was a loser one more time. Almost same story last Monday, Safina takes 1st set but Kimiko is back to win in three set again :)

Well, I know it's old news but anyway, I just want to let you know about this woman. By the way...during her retirement from tennis she ran London Marathon :)

Kimiko Date will play Dementieva today and Elena is at the moment @1.19. Dementieva should be a big favorite to win match but don't forget it will be Elena's first match after her retirement from French Open.

I traded 18 tennis markets yesterday but one of most strange markets was Sweeting-Vliegen, what a crazy (?) match it was. I was lucky enough to be on the right side after GSM.....

As you can see I am not posting my P&L now and it will be this way, I think. I feel like there is no need anymore to show what could be done. I reduced my Betfair bank to £500 and enjoyed my holidays. Now trying to build up my bank before US Open to be able trade using bigger stakes when it's time for big games again ;)

Wish you good luck !
Monday, July 26
Look at these graphs, prematch odds for Skugor-Volandri, match should be played later this evening.
Let me know if I missed something important, please LOL


Home player Franco Skugor won 6-2, 6-1....was it easy money for you too ?

Anna Chakvetadze winner in Portoroz after 6-1, 6-2 against Johanna Larsson

Mardy Fish winner in Atlanta after 4-6, 6-4, 7-6 against John Isner

Andrey Golubev winner in Hamburg after 6-3, 7-5 against Jurgen Melzer

Julia Goerges winner in Bad Gastein after 6-1, 6-4 against Timea Bacsinszky
Monday, July 19
Nicole Vaidisova and Radek Stepanek after their wedding last Saturday.

I am not sure about answer to the question in title but for sure Radek and Nicole (former WTA tennis player) are both happy now ;)

Can we expect Nicole to make a come back in future ? I wouldn't be surprised, she is only 21 now.

Congrats to both !!!
Here are 4 tennis players, winners of last weeks tournaments.

Agnes Szavay winner in Prague....

Albert Montanes winner in Stuttgart....

Kaia Kanepi winner in Palermo....

Nicolas Almagro winner in Bastad...

This week we also have 4 tournaments, ATP in Hamburg and Atlanta, WTA tournaments will be played in Portoroz and Gastein.
Wednesday, June 23
Scoreboard not working properly now in 5th set between Isner-Mahut. Should be 52-53 but scoreboard showing 2-3 LOL.....they really playing too many games in this match Do any of you guys hope to trade this match tomorrow ? ;)
It's about 1st round match between John Isner-Nicolas Mahut. I feel I just have to make a post about this match :) I have been trading for some hours today and focusing on this match. Guess what, players are now playing 5th set and it's 41-41 !! YES, it's right ! 41-41....Longest ever tennis match ? Longest ever set ? World record in number of aces ? Yeah, that's right. Isner at the moment has fired 83 aces and Mahut 69. What I mean in title is that you couldn't fail if you use back the server strategy LOL...I guess there are no losers trading 5th set of this match LOL...
Monday, June 7
This post is just to show you pushing the hedge button is not always the best way to do it ;) As you can see from image I have £87.50 green on Chakvetadze and £82.90 green on South. I placed bets on both players and The Toy is now indicating £79.95 green when pushing hedge button(marked with red color on my image). If you are not careful with what you are doing you may decrease your profit by doing this way. It's not a bug, it's not a very big problem, it's just how The Toy calculates hedge value when you have open bets on both players and with some big gaps in odds such things can happen....I hope you understand what I am trying to tell you LOL....

Good luck, some great grass tennis is comming to us !!! ;)

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