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Saturday, September 10
The Geek made it again !

 It was a total surprise when TG announced a new version of The Toy with some great improvements. It's still beta but working quite nicely for me and I really enjoy what I got. I am not a big fan of using tools like stop loss and this feature (Geek Style stop loss) may be different to what you are used to. Trailing stop loss is included :) Be very careful when using stop loss, be sure you understand how it works !

I recommend using small stakes or training mode to work out some of the new tools.

What I am using almost every day is Multibet Tool. You may ask....what is it ? My answer will be have to see and try this one....:) I will make a movie when/if I have some spare time but for now please just check my images

From my screen shots you see how it looks. It allows you to place bets on one or more runners with one click. Dutching/bookmaking.....

Lay or Back the field (or any number of selections)...stop entry...drip feed...all those tools are included now !!!
If not enough you can also place your bets at a specified time :)

Do you need any more tools ? LOL
For non english speaking traders there is also Multi Language support (select language at login).

I am really happy with The Toy now. It's still a beta and some bugs may be found but The Geek is working and killing all the bugs every day.........

 Version 1.2 beta 3 is the latest at the moment and it may be downloaded here......

For a full list of new tools and features please look here .....

Remember, The Toy is still you have any valid reasons to stay away from the best trading application on the market ?.....:)

As always.....good luck and keep it green !

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