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Sunday, February 2
The first Grand Slam of the year is over. It was a disappointment, Nadal struggled with an injury and could not do his best. Injured Nadal took a medical timeout in 2nd set but refused to retire and took the match in to 4th set, final score 6-3, 6-2, 3-6, 6-3.

 Stanislas Wawrinka - Aus Open 2014 Grand Slam Champion !

Long run of night trading was over but first night after Aus Open final I couldn't sleep and decided to have a look at NBA markets :)

I couldn't remember when was the last time I traded NBA, anyway I found those markets quite easy to predict and was all green in 1st quarter ! 

Here is screenshot from night I am talking about.

I also traded lots of tennis matches, WTA and ATP challengers, some of them with nice results.

 Most profitable of them all was WTA game in Paris, Pavlyuchenkova-Schiavone.

On my screenshots you can see scoring history for this "crazy" match, a traders dream as I used to call such markets :)

and some other screenshots showing my activity on Betfair markets last week.

I found there are some "BIG tennis traders" and they not always know what they are doing. I will try to explain what I mean. On following screenshot you see how it may look on my ladder, look for big amount of money traded @1.40 on Shahar Peer against Larsson and compare it with graph.

 Immediately after the big trade Peer started to lose game after game :) Finally Larsson won the match in 2 sets, 6-2, 7-5.

What I am trying to say is, do NOT be scared by some big traders, sometimes it may be very profitable to go against them :)

Here is another screenshot showing BIG guy in action :)

It was quite enjoyable to trade those WTA markets with odds jumping like crazy between games, breaks of serve etc

This weekend it's time for Davis Cup and I had some luck trading those markets.

Most profitable was Russia-Poland doubles game when Matkowski/Fyrstenberg lost 1st set of match.

Sometimes I trade multiple markets which is not always easy, you have to focus and follow live streams, live score sites and Betfair markets at the same time. I do not recommend such kind of trading to new traders but it's quite enjoyable when it goes right from the start :)

I know, lots of screenshots in my post this time but sometimes an image says more then I could say in thousand words LOL.

Now it's enough from me, going back to do some tests with my trading bot.....

As always wish you all best luck and all green.....Ohh....I forgot to say, I also have red numbers on my ladder from time to is an example...
I lost on Pliskova yesterday, my timing in this match was wrong from the start and trying to recover made things even worse, so I accepted my red and was hoping for Goerges to come back which never happened.

In todays final, Makarova-Pliskova I was very careful after what happened yesterday...:)

 Bye from me...!

Tuesday, January 21
A lot happened in my life the last year. I am now my own boss, started business using some of my trading profits.
I also have wife to take care of :) There wasnt much time for trading during last year.

Today is January 21st so I guess I should publish a new post to my blog, as I did last year :)
You may wonder what forced me to update my blog.....

I just found something funny and want to share it with you. It's trading/tennis related. There was a lot questions in the past about livescore sites etc

I don't want to miss trading tennis during Australian Open and did everything to make it possible even this year.

Traded womens Qf Ivanovic-Bouchard last night, watching Eurosport live and also had a look at

Found there something very interesting about Eugenie Bouchard ! Have a look at my screenshot and you will understand :)

 Can you see ?! Bouchard played singels and doubles at the same time !

And now second image showing scores are updating, LOL

So how could I go against this super girl ? I could NOT ! And guess what, Eugenie won against Ivanovic making me and many other traders very happy :)

What I am trying to say, do NOT always believe in what you see. Livescore sites not always are showing right score. Be careful you have been warned :)

Now to something different. There was a time when I tried to move my trading from Betfair to BetdaQ so I was curious and compared both sites last night.

From my image you see where the money is, right ? I trade on Betfair for a while...I think ;)

Very interesting Qf's coming this night:

Halep - Cibulkova
Nadal - Dimitrov
Murray - Federer

and also Azarenka-Radwanska but Azarenka is NOT my favorite tennis player to watch.

I am sure there will be some great trading opportunities in Halep-Cibulkova....

Take care guys, be careful and keep it green.....:)

Saturday, January 19
Do you think it's about me coming back from the dead ?
Well...not really LOL Will explain it later in this post....

It was long time since my last post on this blog. I never said bye forever to my followers, leaving me possibility to come back and post when I feel for it and this time just happens to be today. So, here I am.....

No posting doesn't mean I am out of business. My life changed a lot during last year. As you may know from one of my posts last year I was in China for exactly 1 year ago, missed trading on Australian Open 2012. When back to Sweden I changed my life, since Feb 2012 I am my own boss and it has nothing to do with trading. I am really happy and am doing what I love to do.
Trading is still something I really enjoy and this year started as so many years before with trading NFL and tennis. NFL was my chance to build up my Betfair bank before Australian Open.

Now you may ask, what made me to post today ? It must be last night's crazy tennis session with Del Potro lost to Chardy and finally Simon-Monfils match this morning.

I made some wrong decisions while trading Del Potro and was mad at myself. Chardy won 1st and 2nd set, my only chance was hoping for Del Potro come back. After a lot of scalping and with some luck I could finally hedge for an OK profit. Was happy with my total P&L after trading all night. I was tired and thought about going to bed but still a few matches to play with Simon-Monfils I didn't wanted to miss.

What a match it was !!! One of the most crazy tennis matches I traded in my life. Some very long rallies, I remember one of them was 71 shots...can you imagine ? Simon 2 sets up and something happened.....after the match Gilles Simon said,

"I was almost dying after the end of the second set" - now see the title of my post, you understand ? :)

Both players called for trainee, taking medical timeouts, treatment all the time between points etc..
At the end of the match trainee was almost as busy as both players lol

I was about 175 GBP green on both players after second set. Now with Simon struggling, serving at half pace odds starts moving like crazy against Simon. What to do now ? I was already all green and quite may call it greed but I found it was a great value and followed the money on the market, going against Simon. 5 min later I changed my all green from 175 to 1350...LOL

Monfils won 2 following sets and we got a 5th set...Somebody said, wait unexpected with Monfils on court and what happened was really unexpected from both players in the final set. Finally Simon won the match after almost 5 hours on court. Now Andy Murray must be happy to know he is going to play against a totally exhausted player.

Final screenshot from this crazy match ...

My final profit on the market changed after a few trades. I increased my Australian wallet funds with about 150% last night....!!! I was so excited and it is definitely a night to remember and deserved  a new post on my blog even if there are no more readers of my blog :)

There is something strange, on my screenshot of the Toy you see I am 1529.22 on both, why P&L is showing "only"  1529.20 ??? Where is 0.02 ? I have no idea how Betfair make it, well I dont really care about missing 0.02 but could anyone explain it to me ? :)

Finally, I really want you to have a look on the last image showing scoring for this match....It is really something to remember while trading tennis. Anything can happen it's what I always keep saying to myself during tennis match.

Wish you good luck and take care all my friends.......Until next post :)

Wednesday, March 7
It's about trading Indian Wells qualies late night, ATP and WTA. I call it trading for fun for a few reasons.

1. Using really small stakes, in and out really fast trading with odds moving like crazy and very big gaps watching ladder...
2. I have never heard about some of the players I was trading, Monica Puig...18 years old from Puerto Rico ? :)
3. No stream available, slow scoreboard ...a dream for courtsiders watching games live and taking candy from kids (money from traders) LOL

Why am I doing this ? Very good question, I guess I was bored, not very professional but who cares ?! I am NOT a pro trader ! :)
Anyway, I found those markets very easy to predict...traded 3 markets at the same time and made an OK result...
Just want to let you know about some great opportunities trading tennis like this. I missed Andreev-Smyczek match, 1-6, 6-1 and now playing 3rd set.

It's now time to get some more trading here...maybe tomorrow but real serious tennis trading starts next week with live pics available. I made some great results last year during March and April...I believe it was my best period trading tennis. I really love Indian Wells and Miami....

Wish you good luck !!!

Friday, February 17
Hi friends,

As you see I am back to business :) Still have my full time job and no plans to start trading full time.

Had a few great weeks in China during Chinese New Year. Got a lot of new friends. Could not follow and trade Australian Open but who cares. Some days there was live tennis from Australia on CCTV5 but no time to get involved ;)

Anyway, I started to do some trading when back home to Sweden. Not sure what to expect and where to go.
It takes some time to regain confidence after a long absence. I am still trying to be very careful.

To be honest I must say most of my trading is done on Betfair markets.
Please just have a look at my screenshot showing todays match, Niculescu-Stosur. There is no question where the money is, right ? You see matched amounts of money on both markets, £ 1 220 000 on Betfair and € 52 400 on Betdaq. There are still plenty of great opportunities on Betdaq but you should be very careful if using big stakes on Betdaq. It is what I think and why I am monitoring both markets....

Just to give you an idea about my last days trading, here is a screenshot showing my trades....

Wow.....Stosur is in trouble ! I believe she was 5-1 up in first set when I started this post, score now is 6-2, 1-4 Stosur....did I missed an opportunity ? I said before, any green is good so I am happy with my £233 on both players at the moment.

As always wish you all the best and keep it green....! ;)

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