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Wednesday, March 7
It's about trading Indian Wells qualies late night, ATP and WTA. I call it trading for fun for a few reasons.

1. Using really small stakes, in and out really fast trading with odds moving like crazy and very big gaps watching ladder...
2. I have never heard about some of the players I was trading, Monica Puig...18 years old from Puerto Rico ? :)
3. No stream available, slow scoreboard ...a dream for courtsiders watching games live and taking candy from kids (money from traders) LOL

Why am I doing this ? Very good question, I guess I was bored, not very professional but who cares ?! I am NOT a pro trader ! :)
Anyway, I found those markets very easy to predict...traded 3 markets at the same time and made an OK result...
Just want to let you know about some great opportunities trading tennis like this. I missed Andreev-Smyczek match, 1-6, 6-1 and now playing 3rd set.

It's now time to get some more trading here...maybe tomorrow but real serious tennis trading starts next week with live pics available. I made some great results last year during March and April...I believe it was my best period trading tennis. I really love Indian Wells and Miami....

Wish you good luck !!!

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