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Sunday, August 1

Janko Tipsarevic against Sam Querrey in semifinal last night. Another crazy tennis market. It started for Tipsarevic like on the first image. Both players holding their serve games in 1st set. Tiebreak goes to Tipsarevic and trading so far was quite easy and predictable. I could build my green on both players almost without taking any risks using small stakes.
Second set was same story, players holding serves without any big problems, only 1 break point in this set for Janko and no bp's for Sam. I am green on both when 2nd set tiebreak starts so I could enjoy watching tennis without stress.

Tipsy playing very good and when Querrey's serve not working anymore it looks like Janko is going to take this tiebreak easy when leading 5-1. It wasn't easy !!! Sam Q was back in match and wins tiebreak 7-5, could you believe it ? From 5-1 to 5-7 in tiebreak.....remember this one and expect the unexpected.  I believe Tipsy was traded at 1.02 before losing 2nd set.

What am I doing now ?
Yeah, sure....I am going to break my own rule !!! :( So many times I said what i think about trading final set and still doing same mistake from time to time.

I decided, let's go for another trade, last one when Querrey starting to serve in 3rd set...Backing Sam...0-15, 0-30, 0-40...broken !!! And from very nice green on both I am now looking at RED numbers, what a stupid mistake....

It's almost same story from night before...Querrey broken for the first time in match, Tipsy serving and holding hmm....2-0 Janko....Sam holds next and we got 2-1 when Tipsarevic is serving again....I am still red on both....0-15, 0-30...hmm....lets try backing !! great !!!....I am green on Sam, hedge now ? or not ? .....not....come on !!....15-40......30-40....40-40....Tipsarevic holds !!! One more time I am not happy with myself !!! I got my chance to change red to green but...ehh....

I got strange feeling there will be more break points for Sam before it's I am laying Janko at very low odds when Q serving at 1-3...holds to 2-3, next game was my next chance and this time Janko was broken !!!! I am back in match but still would like if Sam could hold his serve....0-15, 0-30, wtf ???!!! ....
I decided to go for a hedge at this moment more bets please...0-40.....what is going on here in this crazy tennis match ?....suddenly Querrey start serving and playing tennis again, he is back to deuce, holds and leading 4-3 in final set...Janko holds to 4-4 and got 4 break points next time Sam was serving. It was very strong game from Querrey, 15-40 and 4 break points saved at 4-4 in final set.

I guess Janko was frustrated and not happy with himself when going to serve @4-5...Sam Q missed match point at 30-40 but another double fault and 2nd match point to Querrey, this time it was may guess what happened to Jankos racquet.....LOL...below is picture Tipsy posted after the match ;)

And final stats from this crazy tennis match.....

I hope this post may help some new tennis traders and let's hope I will remember my own trading rules next time LOL

Wish you good luck...and remember....

Expect the unexpected when watching/trading tennis markets !

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