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Friday, February 17
Hi friends,

As you see I am back to business :) Still have my full time job and no plans to start trading full time.

Had a few great weeks in China during Chinese New Year. Got a lot of new friends. Could not follow and trade Australian Open but who cares. Some days there was live tennis from Australia on CCTV5 but no time to get involved ;)

Anyway, I started to do some trading when back home to Sweden. Not sure what to expect and where to go.
It takes some time to regain confidence after a long absence. I am still trying to be very careful.

To be honest I must say most of my trading is done on Betfair markets.
Please just have a look at my screenshot showing todays match, Niculescu-Stosur. There is no question where the money is, right ? You see matched amounts of money on both markets, £ 1 220 000 on Betfair and € 52 400 on Betdaq. There are still plenty of great opportunities on Betdaq but you should be very careful if using big stakes on Betdaq. It is what I think and why I am monitoring both markets....

Just to give you an idea about my last days trading, here is a screenshot showing my trades....

Wow.....Stosur is in trouble ! I believe she was 5-1 up in first set when I started this post, score now is 6-2, 1-4 Stosur....did I missed an opportunity ? I said before, any green is good so I am happy with my £233 on both players at the moment.

As always wish you all the best and keep it green....! ;)

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