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Thursday, January 5
The Future is bright, the Future is Purple !

Words above are taken from The Geek's signature, now you understand why he changed his sign some time ago....and as you see on my image the look of The Geeks Toy forum is changed now....

Decided to make another post before I go to enjoy my time in China starting next week .....Just want to let you know (just in case you missed it) about a new version of the greatest trading application, probably the best in the world :)

I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did. I am talking about BETDAQ version of A Geeks Toy. It's now official and available for all traders around the world :) It's FREE.....All you need is join The Geeks forum, register and download software.

Thanks TG, well done as always....!!!
Tuesday, January 3

No, it's not a movie title :)

It's a new year and I just to wish a Very Happy New Year to all readers and followers of my blog. Yeah, I know there is not much to follow on this blog these days. I have not been updating my blog for a long time but you should still know I am very much alive :)

When I started my blog it was about enjoying Betfair and The I am enjoying BetdaQ. Still doing some trading on Betfair markets. Anyway, more about it in my next post which may wait until next month.
First month of this year will NOT be as usual for me. I am going to enjoy and celebrate new year one more ? hehe....I mean I am going to China next week and stay there for a few weeks which means I will be there during chinese new year :)

I am going to miss Australian Open, really. I am happy anyway....2011 was my best trading year so I feel I deserved to have some great time without need to think about trading.

To all of you I wish very nice profits and have a great time watching/trading tennis (other sports too). Keep thinking it's NOT about's about enjoying sports you love to watch LOL

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