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Wednesday, June 23
Scoreboard not working properly now in 5th set between Isner-Mahut. Should be 52-53 but scoreboard showing 2-3 LOL.....they really playing too many games in this match Do any of you guys hope to trade this match tomorrow ? ;)
It's about 1st round match between John Isner-Nicolas Mahut. I feel I just have to make a post about this match :) I have been trading for some hours today and focusing on this match. Guess what, players are now playing 5th set and it's 41-41 !! YES, it's right ! 41-41....Longest ever tennis match ? Longest ever set ? World record in number of aces ? Yeah, that's right. Isner at the moment has fired 83 aces and Mahut 69. What I mean in title is that you couldn't fail if you use back the server strategy LOL...I guess there are no losers trading 5th set of this match LOL...
Monday, June 7
This post is just to show you pushing the hedge button is not always the best way to do it ;) As you can see from image I have £87.50 green on Chakvetadze and £82.90 green on South. I placed bets on both players and The Toy is now indicating £79.95 green when pushing hedge button(marked with red color on my image). If you are not careful with what you are doing you may decrease your profit by doing this way. It's not a bug, it's not a very big problem, it's just how The Toy calculates hedge value when you have open bets on both players and with some big gaps in odds such things can happen....I hope you understand what I am trying to tell you LOL....

Good luck, some great grass tennis is comming to us !!! ;)
Thursday, June 3
What a great performance from Sam Stosur ! Such an easy win against JJ. I had Sam as my favorite before the match but couldn't expect 6-1,6-2. It was Stosur from the start to the end, Jankovic had 2-0 lead in 2nd set but lost 6 games in a row and the match was over after 60 mins of play ;)

GSM Sam and my tennis trading is over for this time. Grass season starting next week. It's really shame, I have to work, no opportunities for any trading this weekend :( With players going from clay to grass it's not easy for us traders and players may also need some time before they are comfortable with changed surface. Anyway I look forward for Queens, Halle, Eastbourne....Wimbledon and whatever comes next weeks.

I hope Sam will be a new Grand Slam Champ and Nadal-Soderling in final on Sunday...

Good luck trading Roland Garros !
Francesca Schiavone will play BIG Grand Slam final @Roland Garros after strange semifinal against Elena Dementieva. It was very close 1st set, Schiavone won the tiebreak. I had huge green on Schiavone, hedged for all green right after tiebreak and suddenly market was suspended. Betfair was very fast on suspend button this time, I believe lowest matched price was around 1.4 before suspending, where were all courtsiders this time ? LOL  What a surprise ! I knew Elena had some problems with an injury but today could not see any signs of this during the 1st set. No medical time-outs, no treatment at all...I guess Francesca was surprised too when Elena retired. It was just seconds after I did my hedge....Ohhh well...profit is a profit, win is a win and as I said many times, we shouldn't be greedy. Next time I could be on the other side with red, it just shows how dangerous tennis trading could be...

Now over to second semifinal, JJ-Sam ......if u ask me I would say, Stosur to win, but with JJ serving well this will be a close match.

good luck !

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