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Sunday, May 8
Story continues as finally Stefan Belopotocan decided to put an article and link to my blog on his web site. Well done !

It was quite funny when I said he could find my link on and his answer was he had not much time to browse other sites ;) Later admin of chrtba said he {Stefan Belopotocan} was there almost every day.
Stefan B may be a very good coder and doing great job developing his software. My posts are NOT about software, I am only posting about customer service, about a man called Stefan Belopotocan. There may be other people involved in Bfexplorer customer service. I have nothing against any other people working with Bfexplorer ! Anyway, from what he is doing it looks to me as it's one man show .

I afraid some of you don't have a clue what's going on ;) Here is a short summary what happened so far:

I received email from BFexplorer HQ:

Dear bfexplorer user

I have just released for pre-release testing Bfexplorer PRO 2 offering more than 36 new features. If you want to test this new version, please use this link to install Bfexplorer PRO 2:

link to his web site is here......

Kind regards


Look at text marked with red color...I already used 5 days trial some time ago but this time it's about pre-release version. Ok, I thought, ok..let's try. I click download link, install software, trying to log in...what ??? Software says trial is over. The only option is to SUBSCRIBE. I can NOT log in to test his PRE-RELEASE version as he asked me to do in his email. Ok, no problem. So I send an email to Stefan asking for a new 5 days trial, is it possible ? No, it wasn't says Stefan.

I did not notice anything from you on bfexplorer forum, so why should I give you more trial? 

Keep in mind we are talking about a version for PRE-RELEASE TESTING. I was involved in beta programs many times, from very small developers to giants as MS or Adobe but never met such arrogant human as Stefan Belopotocan.
And now please have a look at this image. Day after I posted on my blog about Bfexplorer customer service Stefan start spamming users on his mail list...

How does it look ?

And now more....
Following text is taken from his web site 5 minutes ago...

I receive emails asking for extended trial period and because my time is limited I am not able to support all users asking for extended trial, replying on their questions to explain how to use bfexplorer with their betting or trading strategies, explaining bfexplorer features and so on. Therefore I gave extended trail for some users and not to others. Here there are two examples when I refused extended trail.

Those 2 examples are my blog and another user trying to make a deal with Belopotocan {more about it later}

How does it look now ? I have no words. This guy must have some issues or he has no control at all what he is doing ??!!!

Look here what he says:

Bfexplorer PRO 2 is pre-release version and I published it for public allowing more betfair users test this new version for bfexplorer and get some feedback from them.

And now:

If your trial expired you can ask for additional days, but it is required to post some feedback on bfexplorer forum.

Give him some feedback and he let you trial his about what, feedback before you even had a chance to test ?!! If you need feedback from me I tell you it's great weather here in Sweden at the moment !

Thought he needs feedback about his latest pre-release version but he must be talking about something very different LOL

If you want to have a new trial just answer to his email as on image above but I recommend you still remember what he said...

I receive quite a lot of emails similar to your one, and from my experiences it is just wasting of my time to reply on 99% of them. So you will help me to get rid of such betfair users.

 So you never know what his answer will be....ohh...maybe this man don't like Mondays ? I shouldn't send my request to him on Monday LOL

A very good advice to you, Stefan Belopotocan:
STOP spamming users on your mail list and I promise number of emails in your mailbox should decrease. Or stop complaining !

On the first day he told me he receives so many emails like my, requesting free trials etc...and he send me emails from another was same user he is referencing to in his article...I was shocked. Why would he unnecessarily share personal correspondence ?

I had NOTHING to do with the other user and I don't want to read other peoples private mail !!!

It's what I mean, would you really like to do business with this man ?! Try to make a deal and if there will be no deal he is going to share details with us ? ;)

It's not the way I am doing my business....

A few more wise words from Stefan Belopotocan:

Those who knows what they are doing at betfair, or what they want to do mostly end up on my web site, mainly when they want to build custom software or automate their trading.

If you still not ended up on his website you know why...LOL

Who do YOU think you are and who do you think WE are ???!!!

Part 1 is here                                                                Part 2 is here


sledge13 said...

Missing your tennis posts...;(

ToyTrader/rockaren said...

Hi sledge,

Will be more than enough about tennis very soon I hope ;) RG & Wimbledon coming soon ...

The problem now is I am testing/developing bot for trading on horse racing markets and with tennis matches in Europe at same time as horse racing I have now a conflict LOL
It's one of the reasons I answered Stefans "SPAM" mail last took me too much time posting about it LOL

Good luck !

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