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Friday, February 17
Hi friends,

As you see I am back to business :) Still have my full time job and no plans to start trading full time.

Had a few great weeks in China during Chinese New Year. Got a lot of new friends. Could not follow and trade Australian Open but who cares. Some days there was live tennis from Australia on CCTV5 but no time to get involved ;)

Anyway, I started to do some trading when back home to Sweden. Not sure what to expect and where to go.
It takes some time to regain confidence after a long absence. I am still trying to be very careful.

To be honest I must say most of my trading is done on Betfair markets.
Please just have a look at my screenshot showing todays match, Niculescu-Stosur. There is no question where the money is, right ? You see matched amounts of money on both markets, £ 1 220 000 on Betfair and € 52 400 on Betdaq. There are still plenty of great opportunities on Betdaq but you should be very careful if using big stakes on Betdaq. It is what I think and why I am monitoring both markets....

Just to give you an idea about my last days trading, here is a screenshot showing my trades....

Wow.....Stosur is in trouble ! I believe she was 5-1 up in first set when I started this post, score now is 6-2, 1-4 Stosur....did I missed an opportunity ? I said before, any green is good so I am happy with my £233 on both players at the moment.

As always wish you all the best and keep it green....! ;)


Tennis Trade Strategies said...

Your P/L is just crazy... do you give any classes or tips on how to achieve such steady results? I am doing pretty badly finding the right edge and strategy for me. Just an up and down and lack of discipline lately, trying to force it too much I guess.

ToyTrader/rockaren said...

Hi and thanks for your comment.

Yeah, I am still very happy with my strike rate on tennis markets. My total P&L looks nice on the image but lets calculate...3679/21 markets, it's about 175 per market....amazing ? No, I don't think so...I have seen other tennis traders posting screenshots showing huge profits on tennis need to name anyone here....maybe you could guess who I am talking about LOL

Some of those guys offer some kind of services, classes sessions other words...they will HELP you if you PAY.....I do NOT recommend any of these.

Back to your question.....I really have no time and, to be honest, I don't need to take money from other traders by selling e-books or trying to help by offering services.

I hope you understand me.....I know from The Geeks Toy Forum, there are so many friendly traders ready to help you if you ask some questions...but don't expect P&L is a result of hard work...just compare to horse markets where trading session is about 5 mins/market. Trading tennis gives you chance to change your position many times during the match. Looking at my screenshot you may think I was always right....NO ! not really, believe me I was wrong on some of these markets BUT still could turn my red into green. you said in your comment. Lack of discipline and trying to force it too much is your enemy ;)

Wish you good luck !!!

Caan Berry said...

good to see your back rocky, the tennis does intreague me although i know its nothing like the horses... sorry im sure you have been asked this before but do you put alot of research into the players before you start? is it important to incorporate that into strategy? sorry again, some nice results... long may it continue!

ToyTrader/rockaren said...

Thanx for your comment, Caan Berry ;)

To answer your question about research etc before trading tennis markets....well, tennis is my favorite sport to watch and I have done it past 20 years :)

I have learn alot about tennis players and what to expect from some of them, if you know what I mean....
Some of the sites I check almost every day are:


I found some very useful info on those websites. Lets take todays match Gulbis-Matosevic as an example....Gulbis was big favorite to win match and no problem from start, he takes first set 6-3....odds are very low...would you now go all in on a favorite ? LOL

NO, never....what happens ? Gulbis lost 6-1 and 6-1 next 2 sets....why am I not surprised ??!!!

Check my other post made more than 1 year need to click on label "Gulbis" on the right side of this page...

In this case there was no need to do research...I knew what to expect from Mr Gulbis, sure I couldn't know he will lose the match but really you are not taking big risks by laying @1.15, right ?

There are other players I am used to call "money making machines" LOL

Wish you good luck !

Caan Berry said...

Thankyou rocky, much apprecaited for the response, i have bookmarked both the links.

Tonight i had a go as the horses is my usual stomping ground, i looked through the stats and made some notes before hand as i realise alot of this tennis malarky is probably a case of waiting for points to arrise where value is available and enter cutting when it goes wrong and lettin it run further when its right... the match i had a go on minimal stakes was Vinci V errani womens game, i made one vital error of researching the game that was not availiable for live streaming! lol anyway i went off an online scoreboard for a while although would rather watch the game. Vinci started well and took the lead although Errani was favourite, i made a few minor mistakes although learnt from them why and found a couple of good opportunities where Errani was on a peak in odds terms before she come to serve in the following game, her strike rate of winning off the serve was far more solid... taking that value left me back in the profit. I think ill be looking into this some more as its quite interesting especially watching where people are taking liablities (big ones)

Thanks again.


ToyTrader/rockaren said...

Caan, you said something very important, waiting for points where value is available. It's for sure not easy to find where the value is.

I remember when I started trading tennis I made same mistake so many times and it was lack of patience. I was always tempted to back a player from the start and see what happens. Now I even don't care about picking a winner from start, I have some ideas who should win a match but who cares ? Vinci-Errani was a good example, another classic WTA game with crazy odds after favorite was broken....

btw ...

both ATP and WTA from Acapulco could be seen live on Supertennis, it is an italian TV channel available via sat (Hotbird 13E).....I had a post about my equipment for some time ago :)

thanx for comment and good luck !

Caan Berry said...

Sorry rocky i realise this is nothing like the horses and you dont need to be in the market all the time... thanks for the advise but sorry again i looked below and you had a picture of a window with the statistics for the match in play, i have tried to find it through betathome but cant find any such windows... do you have a link ?


ToyTrader/rockaren said...


Results and statistics for the match in play can be found here:

There is also results archive available from the same page, look after Scores & Stats.

Another link which I already posted in one of my comments is:

Good luck !

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