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Sunday, February 2
The first Grand Slam of the year is over. It was a disappointment, Nadal struggled with an injury and could not do his best. Injured Nadal took a medical timeout in 2nd set but refused to retire and took the match in to 4th set, final score 6-3, 6-2, 3-6, 6-3.

 Stanislas Wawrinka - Aus Open 2014 Grand Slam Champion !

Long run of night trading was over but first night after Aus Open final I couldn't sleep and decided to have a look at NBA markets :)

I couldn't remember when was the last time I traded NBA, anyway I found those markets quite easy to predict and was all green in 1st quarter ! 

Here is screenshot from night I am talking about.

I also traded lots of tennis matches, WTA and ATP challengers, some of them with nice results.

 Most profitable of them all was WTA game in Paris, Pavlyuchenkova-Schiavone.

On my screenshots you can see scoring history for this "crazy" match, a traders dream as I used to call such markets :)

and some other screenshots showing my activity on Betfair markets last week.

I found there are some "BIG tennis traders" and they not always know what they are doing. I will try to explain what I mean. On following screenshot you see how it may look on my ladder, look for big amount of money traded @1.40 on Shahar Peer against Larsson and compare it with graph.

 Immediately after the big trade Peer started to lose game after game :) Finally Larsson won the match in 2 sets, 6-2, 7-5.

What I am trying to say is, do NOT be scared by some big traders, sometimes it may be very profitable to go against them :)

Here is another screenshot showing BIG guy in action :)

It was quite enjoyable to trade those WTA markets with odds jumping like crazy between games, breaks of serve etc

This weekend it's time for Davis Cup and I had some luck trading those markets.

Most profitable was Russia-Poland doubles game when Matkowski/Fyrstenberg lost 1st set of match.

Sometimes I trade multiple markets which is not always easy, you have to focus and follow live streams, live score sites and Betfair markets at the same time. I do not recommend such kind of trading to new traders but it's quite enjoyable when it goes right from the start :)

I know, lots of screenshots in my post this time but sometimes an image says more then I could say in thousand words LOL.

Now it's enough from me, going back to do some tests with my trading bot.....

As always wish you all best luck and all green.....Ohh....I forgot to say, I also have red numbers on my ladder from time to is an example...
I lost on Pliskova yesterday, my timing in this match was wrong from the start and trying to recover made things even worse, so I accepted my red and was hoping for Goerges to come back which never happened.

In todays final, Makarova-Pliskova I was very careful after what happened yesterday...:)

 Bye from me...!


Tennis Trade Strategies said...

I hate you ;)

please fill us all in on stake entry and exit strategies... this is crazy... love the nba stuff. How about football?

Miki said...

Wow...After long time nice to se you activity on the diferents markets.Wilkommna :)

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